In order o give better services to the customers, Northern Railways tried to upgrade their existing maintenance facilities. Even then 100% perfection was not reached as time constraints for running the trains on the schedule were a primary headache. They introduced the concept of complaining by the passengers sitting on the train so that the problem can be solved in the next big station stoppage. With the penetration of mobile phones to almost every pocket, it has become easier to complain about any of the services of Northern Railways, and they are being attended promptly.

Northern Railway Complaint Number For Different Situations

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As one is traveling on the division managed by Northern Railways, one can complain about any irregularities. The division had announced many phone numbers to attend to the complaints and grievances and solve them. They are very prompt to act after receiving any complaint that can be managed by them. As a railway passenger traveling under the division of Northern railways, you should know the numbers. However, if you do not know them, here is a list of numbers for your ready reference.

  • One should dial 138 which is a toll-free number regarding complaints related to cleanliness of the train, poor food quality, medical emergencies, coach maintenance and about the cleanliness of the linens and bedrolls.
  • Dial 182 in case of complaining about theft, harassments, pickpocket and other criminal activities inside the railway premises. It is a toll-free number
  • If you want to give any suggestions or complain about catering services like overcharging of the food, poor food quality, and interior complains then you should dial the toll-free numbers 1800-111-139 or 1800-111321 for railway food complaint.
  • Dial 1512 which is also toll-free to get the help of the Government Railway Police(GRP) in case of any police help.
  • If you have any problem while ticket booking then, in that case, you can directly connect to IRCTC complaint portal or helpline.
  • And in the most emergency situation you also directly make a
    railway ministry complaint by tweeting your concern over social media tools like Twitter or Facebook.

The Nature Of Complaint

Although Northern Railways work in full tandem at all times, there are instances when some case of complaint crop up while the trains are running on the track. There might not be water in the washroom, the lights of the coaches are not working, the fans are malfunctioning, or the linens are not clean and many more. It was complicated to get these reported to the concerned officials even a few months ago, and the problems gave rise to colossal customer dissatisfaction and often ended with violence and agitations.

Indian railways have one of the biggest railway networks in the world. It spreads from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Wagah border to Arunachal Pradesh. To work efficiently, this extensive network has been divided into 16 divisions excluding the Kolkata Metro railways. The railways are the biggest employer in the country, and the services are taken by almost all the people of the country. It is one of the cheapest mode f transportation in India.  Out of the 16 divisions with the headquarters in Delhi manages more than 700 stations and thousands of kilometers of track and numerous trains.


Northern Railways is always trying to better their services. However, lack of feedback from the travelers sometimes makes it impossible to rectify the defects of the services provided. One should complain or suggest about the betterment of the functions of the division.  You are paying for taking the railway services and have every right to get the best services as promised. So it is time to raise the voices if there is any lacuna.