Ohio War Orphans Scholarship for undergraduate study

The Ohio War Orphans scholarship is awarded to students who have been orphans in the Ohio war. The scholarship will be given to orphans who have good and excellent academic records. All eligible candidates will be funded by the state to excel in each of their individual lives.

The students who choose to attend public institutions in the country would be supported by 100% of their tuition fees. And the other students who choose to participate in private institutions would be given a certain amount of money.

This scholarship program assists students who have lost their parents in the war. It also applies to those who have been severely injured during the period of war.

The Deadline To Apply To Claim This Scholarship

The scholarship is given to children every year. The deadlines to receive such applications are usually on 15th May every year. Applications can be obtained during any time of the year, but it should always be marked as 15th May.


Eligibility Criteria For Ohio War Orphans Scholarship

Every year students are given a maximum of 100% of their tuition fees depending on what kind of institution one chooses. But to claim such a benefit, there is an eligibility criterion such as-

  • The student must be between the age of 16-25
  • The student must be a resident of the state of Ohio.
  • The student must be enrolled for a full-time undergraduate study.
  • The student must be pursuing a bachelor’s degree at any University in the state of Ohio.

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Benefits Of The Scholarship

The scholarship includes a maximum of 100% tuition fees, depending on the institution of their choice. The tuition fee covers a four-year program at any public institution, and in the private intuitions, there is an annual sum paid to a student. So this means that choosing a public institution may be better since there is 100% tuition fee coverage.

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How To Apply for Ohio War Orphans Scholarship?

  • Applications are available from the Ohio Department of Higher Education, State grants and scholarships Department, High School guidance offices, Veterans service offices, and college financial aid offices.
  • The application may also be available in any of the department’s official website. One can download the form accordingly. The link is mentioned below
  • The candidate must provide instructions along with the form and submit the same to any of the offices mentioned above.
  • The documents to be submitted along with the application may be specified. To ensure a faster process in the application, you can arrange all the documents in a neat and orderly manner.

You can download the application form on www.ohiohighered.org/ohio-war-orphans


Steps In The Application

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The application includes four forms.

  • The first form contains all the complete details of the student and other related information.
  • The second form is a DD214 form, which is available in the offices or websites mentioned above.
  • The third form is the student acknowledgment statement.
  • The last form is the VA award letter. Upon request from the department, additional information may be required, so please ensure that you submit the same so that your application may be considered.

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The student acknowledgment statement is used for the purpose that all students who have been awarded this scholarship and utilizing the same would be adequately accounted for, and this acknowledgment would also avoid any reapplication and using the benefits again.

  • The DD214 form is to check the service dates of the parents who have been lost.
  • To ensure a quick response, please ensure you add a valid email ID to the application. This also helps you to keep track of the stages of the application.
  • Do not forget to notarize the application and sign the same.


Once the application is completed, ensure you submit the same before the deadline date, which is the 15th day of May every year. After presenting the same, the application is then entered into a system. And after that, the student would receive a notification that the same has been accepted.

The student would also receive after the due process is completed whether the student is eligible, ineligible, or incomplete if such application remains incomplete.


For further details, you can contact Ramah Church at (614) 752-9582 or email them at [email protected].

If the student becomes eligible, then such applicants are presented to the WOSDV board at one of the Annual Meeting. At the meeting, if such an application is approved, then the award notification would be sent to the student via email or mail. The board meets every year in the last week of July to accept the scholarship.


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