Well, how would you expect  50 or 60 years old people to be, normal lifestyle with the normal body right?? But these few people that have been mentioned in this list, all of these unique personalities have had mentioned their name in the Guinness book of world records for having the most bizarre body in the world. So read the folks below and don’t forget to share this in your network.

1. Kim Goodman
The old lady from (USA) is famous for having the biggest eyeballs pop, that is a protrusion of 12mm (0.47m) beyond her eye sockets. Actually, proptosis means eyeball displacement or bulging eyes. The lady had discovered her uniqueness when she was hit on the head by a hockey mask, and the eyeball popped out a little. However, she can now pop out her eyes on cue. Her name was recorded in the Guinness book of world records in the year 2007.


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2. E-Wilma Conner
This 75-year-old American lady is the world’s oldest bodybuilder. You will be surprised to know that, 6 years ago she competed in the NPC  Armbrust pro gym warrior body building championship in Loveland, in 2011. And since then she had her name mentioned in Guinness World Records list as the oldest female bodybuilder alive.
3.Charlotte Guttenberg
Again, old aged women from the USA, who has covered 91.5% of her body with tattoos. yeah, you guessed it right, She has tattoos everywhere, even on her breasts and intimate parts. Her artists tattoo completions and shows. Her journey began with a tattoo of the butterfly and since then she never stopped. And the interesting part is that she wish to continue with a full head tattoo now, that would make it “a secret garden” below her hair.
4. Karl-Heinz Hille
Remember our favorite actor Hugh Jackman in wolverine look, this man has a pretty similar mustache and beared style. Karl belongs from Germany, and a guineas world record holder for the most wins in the World Beared and Moustache championship, that is 8 times. Karl’s has been active since 1999 and his most recent victory was in Norway in 2011.
5. Shridhar Chillal
An old Indian man from Pune, Maharashtra has the world’s longest fingernails on his right hand. With an aggregate length of 909.6 cm (358.1 Ib) Shridhar Chillal got his name registered in 2014. The little finger (179 cm), ring finger (181.6 cm), middle finger (186.6 cm), Index finger (164.5 cm) and the thumb nail measure 197.8 cm long.
So there were 5 most bizarre old people across the world known for having amazing body attributes. Hope you liked our article, do share this in your network and tell your friends about it.


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