Would you be surprised if you get to know the amount of money that was collected in the last year from the penalties of the ticketless travelers? RS 1097 crore and if this figure makes your head spin, then you should stand in the ticket counter and buy the tickets for everyone before traveling. So if you are curious about the penalty for travelling without ticket in train that needs to be paid when a person is caught traveling without any form of tickets, then you are in the right place. Let us take a quick look to see what the exact amount of this penalty is.

What Is The Amount Of The Penalty Imposed

Then travelers who are traveling without any tickets are usually made to pay the entire amount of the ticket fare right from the source to the destination, and in addition to this, they are also required to pay a penalty amount of 250 rupees. Well, 250 rupees apparently might not seem a lot but if it is added to the total fare of the ticket then it amounts to a good sum, and this is why you should always cut tickets before you step inside any train in Indian railways.

The check is usually done with the help of the TTE staff as well as the CCTV coverage that is present in almost all of the railway stations.

Does The Value Differ For Premium Trains?

This is one of the most critical questions that many people ask but don’t know the answer of. Well if you are traveling in some of the premium class trains then the amount of penalty is double which means that rs 500 fine is usually imposed in the people who visit in the fancy and premium trains without any tickets.

There is another particular law for the sadhus, faqir as well as mendicants. This one is pretty interesting. If any of this kind of people is found traveling without any ticket and any amount of money, then they should be sent to the court for trial under the section of 137. The reason is that they are considered to defraud the railway and so they don’t fall under section 138.

The Conclusion – For
Ticket Less Travel

So if you are a regular traveler traveling without any ticket then you will be charged and prosecuted under the section 138 however if you are a baul or a fakir then the charge sheets of these people make way to the police and they are prepared with the utmost care because the prosecution, in this case, will be under 137 and not 138.

So you will need to pay a penalty amount anywhere between 250 rupees and 500 rupees along with the total fare of the ticket depending upon whether you are traveling in a standard train or in a premium train. So now that you know about the fines but make sure you cut your ticket.


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