List of Pharmaceutical Companies in San Diego California

Phramaceutical Industries in San Diego have a huge impact on medical industrialization in USA. Some of the finest and prominent pharmaceutical companies are situated in San Diego. Be it on the upfront of Employment or industrialization, San Diego is heading towards at its best.

Some key names of pharma names are Glaxo SmithKline, Genentech, Takeda, Thermo Fisher,  B.D Bioscience, AvantGen, Bausch & Lomb, Cradle Genomics, Denovicon Therapeutics, Element Biosciences, Femto Dx, GeneMed Biotechnologies, Horiba Instruments, Immune Inc. , KeraMed, LeGene Biosciences and many more.

Investment in San Diego Pharma

In 2014, it was noted that San Diego’s life science venture’s capital investment was above $550 million.

Fastest growing pharma companies in San Diego

Fastest growing companies in San Diego are :

  • Mirati Therapeutics
  • Rakuten Aspyrian
  • Human Longevity
  • Samumed
  • Omniome
  • NanoCellect Biomedical
  • Gosamer Bio
  • Crinetics Pharmaceuticals
  • TP Therapeutics
  • Cue Health

Apart from these many companies also made their mark like :

Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc. which are specializes in developing and commercializing nervous system disorders.

La Jolla California / Pfizer : Deals in Oncology, a treatment procedure of tumour.

NuVasive : Deals in Spine treatment and its equipment. 

6 Established Pharma Companies in San Diego

1. Johnson & Johnson

With a history spanning 130 years, Johnson & Johnson is the largest running healthcare company in the world. The company is known worldwide for its skincare products and has branched out in 60 countries worldwide.


2. La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company

A biopharmaceutical company with a goal to improve the conditions of terminal patients by offering them innovative therapies. 

3. Arena pharmaceuticals

The biopharmaceutical company is based in San Diego, California, but has branched in Boston, Zug, MA, and Switzerland. The company is known for producing molecule drugs.

4. Amarin Corporation

The biopharmaceutical company develops products for the cardiovascular system. The first drug of Amarin Corporation that was approved by the FDA is icosapent ethyl.

5. Arcturus Therapeutic

The company produces nucleic acid medicines and also offers delivery of a preclinical drug.

Specialities: mRNA, siRNA, RNAi, Nucleic Acid Medicines, Lipid-Mediated Delivery, Rare Diseases, OTC Deficiency, Cystic Fibrosis

6. Turning Point Therapeutics

It is clinical stage oncology company that focuses on developing therapies to help cancer patients.

Specialties: Oncology, Structure-based design, Precision medicine, Drug resistance, NTRK, ROS1, ALK, NTRK1, NTRK2, NTRK3, SRC, FAK, JAK2, MASC, NSCLC, G1202R, G2032R, fusion gene, oncogenic, metastasis

7. Almac Group

Almac Group is a drug developing company that has branches wordwide.

Specialties: Pharmaceutical development services, Clinical trial supply & management, Diagnostics & biomarker discovery, API services & Chemical Development, Formulation & analytical development, Commercial manufacture, Companion Diagnostics, IRT & eCRA

8. NantKwest

This is an immunotherapy company that develops drugs to be used at the clinical stage.

9. WuXi AppTec

This is a technology platform company for pharmaceutical, medical device and biopharmaceutical.

Specialties: Drug Discovery, Bioanalytical, Lab Testing, Clinical and Regulatory, API Development and Manufacturing, Genomics, Drug Development, Biological Reagents, Biologics, Medical Device, Chemistry, Toxicology, Cell and Gene Therapy, Contract Research Organization.

10. Ora, Inc.

The comapny has offics in USA, Japan and the UK.  it has been in the pharmaceutical industry for 40 years now.

Specialties: Allergy, Dry Eye, Retina, Anti-Infective, Anti-Inflammatory, Glaucoma, Dermatology, Medical Devices, Drug Delivery


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