There are no worries when you get a confirmed ticket, but if you are not one of the lucky ones who got a confirmed ticket and ended up with a waiting list ticket, read on to find how several waiting lists, quotas, and ticket types determine the chances of your ticket getting confirmed.

Why Does Your Rank On The Waiting List Matter?

First of all, there are several ticket types. Every ticket has a status which can be confirmed, RAC or waitlisted. When you get a ticket, it comes with all the details: the PNR details, the name of the train, journey date, scheduled departure time, seat number and ticket status.

If you find that your ticket has GNWL 7/WL 5 written as its current status, it means you are on the waiting list, and your rank on the waiting list at present is at number 5. The number 7 represents the total number of waitlisted passengers, and numeral 5 represents the number of passengers with confirmed tickets who have to cancel their reservation for your ticket status to move up to confirmed status. The higher your rank on the waiting list, the higher is the chances for your ticket to get confirmed.

Is Having A Waiting List Ticket And RAC Ticket The Same?

In case your ticket has a RAC status, RAC means you can board the train but you will not have a berth to yourself completely, you will be sharing it with someone else. But usually, if there are vacancies available, those seats or berths are given to you. Having a waitlisted ticket means you will have to wait until the final charts are drawn.

You never know, but your waitlisted ticket may be confirmed 4 hours before the train leaves which is when the final reservation list is made. If your ticket does not get confirmed by then it is likely that you will not be able to make this trip and your ticket will be canceled automatically and the money refunded back to your account.

Different Types Of Waiting Lists And Their Chances Of Confirmation

There are several types of waiting lists used by the Indian Railways for allotting seats to the passengers.

GNWL or General waiting list; if you have a GNWL waiting list, then your ticket has a higher chance of getting confirmed.

PQWL or Pooled Quota Waiting List includes tickets which are shared by several small stations. It is beneficial for long-distance travelers because this limits the number of seats that can be allotted to the short distance travelers. This type of tickets has less chance of getting confirmed.

RLWL or Remote Location Waiting List tickets are for those who are traveling to intermediate stations that fall on the way to the destination. This type of tickets also has a very less chance of confirmation.

TQWL or Tatkal Quota Waiting List are tatkal tickets which were booked on short notice. Tatkal waitlisted tickets often do not have many chances of confirmation.

Apart from these, there are ladies quotas, Army quota, physically handicapped quota, etc which takes up the seats which could be otherwise available to the general passengers.

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