In dire and last moment situations people have no other option but to purchase the tatkal tickets of the trains. The tatkal tickets are the ones which are released 24 hours before the train is about to depart. The booking starts from 10 am in the morning, and you need to be extremely fast if you want to grab some of the tickets in the lightning fast speed otherwise they are all going to be sold out.

The IRCTC also offers some of the premium tatkal tickets to the passengers which some along with dynamic fare pricing as they are the last moment life saviour for most of the people.

So it is a lot more expensive than the regular tatkal tickets but if you can grab hold of them they you are going t have a fantastic journey even by booking the tickets at the very last moment.

Premium Tatkal Fare Rate

The reservation time for the premium tatkal tickets is the same as that of the standard tatkal tickets. They usually start at 10 am in the morning for the ac tickets and for the non-ac ones the timing begins at 11 am. There is no permission for the agents to book any ticket under the premium tatkal quota. This means that you cannot book it with the help of any kind of travel and tourism agents. For the passengers whose tickets are confirmed the dynamic type of fare is charged which depends on the availability of tickets and the price increases in accordance with that.

Charges For Cancellation Of
IRCTC Premium Tatkal Booking

It is unfortunate that the RAC or the waitlisted ticket bookings are not allowed in this category.

If you cancel any of the premium tatkal tickets, then there is no refund which you will get. which means that in case of cancellation of the confirmed premium tatkal tickets you will be charged with the full value of the ticket so you need to be extremely careful while you are booking your tickets in the premium tatkal category.

There are certain other rules and regulations for this category as well which include no concession is applicable for booking these tickets under any quota. Also, the child passengers are charged with complete and the full ticket fare.

All of these rules are applicable even if you book the tickets online over the internet. So these were the charges to just for cancellation but the various other charges that you will need to pay for your premium tatkal ticket. Since you know about the pricing as well as the charges of the premium tatkal tickets, make sure you book them fast enough to make the journey you have been waiting to do.

In case you want to cancel these tickets make sure you think it through as you will not get back the money that you invested. However, you must always cancel so that the tickets can be relocated to someone else. That’s all you need to know about premium tatkal tickets and charges.