Importance of Punctuality for Students

Punctuality is an essential trait in today’s competitive world for anyone to be successful in life. Every millionaire or even anyone else who is successful according to you since the definition of success varies from person to person has been following this trait. Inculcating this trait does not come easy for anyone.

It requires patience, determination and lots of hardship on the journey. But once a person follows this golden trait then his life becomes a lot easier and organized. The general definition of punctuality is doing the tasks and daily work on or before time.

A student’s life is not any less difficult than any grown person’s life. In fact in some ways it is even more challenging. A student needs to handle pressure of classroom tests and exams for which he has to be prepared before time to save some time for revision.

Along with these student has to complete all the assignments and homework given by the teachers.

And in today’s scenario where almost every student goes to a coaching then he has to handle that work too. And if the student is into any extracurricular activities or sports and goes to any club or class for that then he has to handle that too along with its events.

Along with all these things a student also has to give time to his hobbies and social life. A student has to give time to his family and friends and can’t deny all their plans for his work.

Students who are punctual are very well appreciated by all the teachers. Because if a student can meet all the deadlines and study for all the tests and exams before time then obviously his grades and marks will be a lot better than other students.

Since a punctual student has studied everything well in advance and also practiced and revised everything so he or she will stand out of all the students who have not prepared in advance. And also a punctual person is trustful.

Like if someone relies on you for some work and if you do it before or on time then you gain the person’s trust who has appointed you that work. On the other hand if you cannot complete and submit the given piece of work on time then obviously you lose the trust of the person who has given you that work.

Punctuality is also morally the right thing to do and if that is not enough then punctuality also has the direct relation with morality of the student.

A student who is not punctual and has not studied everything that was necessary for the exam then such student is more likely to cheat in examination rather than the person who is punctual and has studied everything.

A student who is punctual is also confident. If he has gained trust of everyone and knows that now people rely on him then that makes the student more confident.

Punctuality also makes the student more committed to the work. If a student is punctual and knows about his future involvements and work and aware of all the deadlines then if any new work is assigned to such student then the student can give the deadline that he can do the given work till this date and time depending upon the priority of the work. That makes the student more committed.

Also a student who is punctual knows his capabilities that he can stretch himself till what point. Because a student himself knows that he can burden himself with this amount of work if necessary, that gives the idea that the work could be completed till which time.

Punctuality also keeps the student on track and on right path. If a student has other involvements and work scheduled for each day then he will not have any time for unnecessary things and bad habits.

Depression and anxiety in students is one of the most feared things that parents have these days. Completing the work on time give us happiness and a feeling of satisfaction which is difficult to find in today’s age.

This prevents students from getting depressed and be stressed. If a student is not in any rush then that also prevents student to get into any accident or mishap. So punctuality is the answer if you are a worried parent.

If a student is punctual then he gets respect from everyone. Also if you are punctual then that also means that you care for another person’s time as well. Karen Joy Fowler of The Jane Austen Book Club said that “Arriving late was a way of saying that your own time was more valuable than the time of the person who waited for you”.

Being punctual also brings discipline in a student’s life. Being disciplined and being punctual however are two different things but are also very much interrelated.

Also according to a survey if a student is punctual then he is more likely to become a better leader than others. A punctual student leads by an example and everyone looks up to him for anything. Even adults admire and follow the punctual students and consider their advices seriously.

However if you are not punctual then you must try to be. Being unpunctual comes with a lot of consequences and you have to deal with them today or tomorrow. Becoming punctual is not a one day process it requires time.

You can start by making small changes in life like prioritizing works and doing more important work ahead of relatively less important works. In this way we will be able to give more time to more important work.

After that we can make schedules with some relaxation. After some time we can reduce the relaxation and make the schedule stricter. It takes time to adapt this punctual lifestyle but the changes and wonder it does is great and comes with great results as well, so it will be tough but totally worth it.

You might have heard lectures from your parents and quotes from all the successful people about punctuality your whole life. All the non ceasing opinions of people about being punctual and on time wherever you go and whatever you do.

Some of these people are not even punctual themselves they just try to poke their nose into someone else’s business. But few of them are punctual and have been benefited from it and genuinely want you to apply punctuality into your own life and take advantage of this extraordinary power.

This power is not some supernatural or extraordinary trait that someone is born with. It is something that you experience the emergence of applying into your lifestyle.

The emergence might be a streak of failures or a sudden strike of doing something in your life and become different from the crowd and achieve something.

All the successful people you know who are at someplace and have achieved something without any help of their parents or any other family members have had this sudden determined strike once in their life which have changed their life and have made them closer to their dream.

If you are having this kind of sudden outburst of proving yourself or chasing your dream then you have reached the right place. So, How to become punctual from a completely tardy and lazy person?

Being punctual is difficult, But difficult does not mean that it is impossible.  To become punctual you need to change few things step by step and then reach the path of almost becoming punctual. Mark the word almost.

You don’t want to turn into a boring person suddenly and lose all your friends and relations since you are not giving them time in order to become so called perfectly punctual person. It would only make you a robot.

But that doesn’t mean one must not be punctual. Punctuality should be inculcated to form a proper work and life balance, which involves giving time to your loved ones and your partner.

How To Become A Punctual Person

In order to walk on the path of becoming a punctual person, one must start by making small changes in life.

  1. Properly Designing Sleep Schedule

Lack of sleep can be the reason of many things which you don’t want. If you don’t have a proper sleep schedule you are already ruined my friend. And in addition you can decide when your day starts and ends, so you can plan further things between them.

You must make sure that you are taking proper 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily, neither more nor less.

  1. Set time limits to some of your less priority works

After you have set your proper sleep schedule and have been following it for quite a few days. Now, you have a proper sleeping schedule and apart from it everything going on in your life has been going on in an unordered and unplanned manner.

Now, you need to restrict the time you spend on the things which have lower priority than most of the things you do in your day, like texting, playing video games, spending time on mobile phones, hanging out with friends and family.

You need to plan these things and give the time to them accordingly.

  1. Make a time table with rough timings

Once you have set your sleep schedule and planned time for some unimportant jobs you do daily, then now is the time to make a rough schedule not depending upon what day it is. Remember this schedule is flexible and you can alter it after you are falling short of doing the jobs written on it. Do not take this alteration as bliss and don’t start going easy on yourself.

  1. Make a rough schedule for every day of the week

Once you have made the rough schedule which was common for all days then now is the time to make a rough schedule different for all days, from Monday to Sunday. This schedule is also flexible and can be altered accordingly.

  1. Make a fix schedule for all days

Once you have been following your rough schedule and you have reached the point where you no longer need alterations then you can make that particular schedule as fix and start following it.

Things you need to keep in mind while making schedule :

  1. There must be a proper work-life balance –

While making the schedule keep in mind that it’s not completely based on work and work. There must be a suitable amount of time given to your life outside work.

  1. Priorities work

Make the list of work you need to do in the day and in front of them assign a priority number. You can define this mechanism by your own. For example to a work with low priority assign the number 1 and to the work with higher priority assign 2 or 3. And to the work with highest priority assign the number 5. After making this list you can decide which work to do first and then design the schedule accordingly.

  1. Make a space for exercise in your schedule

As the saying goes “Health is Wealth”. You must keep at least 40 minutes of time in your day for exercise and workout. The exercise may include going to gym or jogging in a park nearby or doing yoga. That completely depends on you but it is something that you must not neglect.

  1. Make a spare time window

Leave an hour or two spare in your schedule because some of your work may need some more time than usual, or you may encounter some guest coming at your home without notice or you may get some urgent work which needs to be done immediately.

For these all purposes make a spare window time.

  1. Leave no room for Procrastination

Make sure that none of your work must be left to be done for tomorrow. Design a schedule such that the work you have decided to be done on a day must be completed on the same day.

How to make use of the resources and latest gadgets to make yourself punctual

  1. A.I. Assistant

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence based assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and many more can help you make schedule, prioritise work and remember important tasks such as attending a meeting or conference, just like a normal assistant would do but in this case you aren’t paying anyone any kind of salary.

  1. Smart Watches

Smart Watches
Smart Watch

The smart Watches connects with your smart phone and give you the notification at correct time when you need to do some work by vibrating. With this feature you can ensure that you don’t lose your work. And this will also help you to keep track of time by actually showing you time.

  1. Scheduler Applications


There are many applications available for both android and iOS which will help you in making schedules and keep you on track.

To be frank punctuality is not a trait which can be gained overnight. If you had been someone who usually procrastinates then it would be even more difficult for you to become punctual.



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