While journeying everyone wants their journey to be comfortable and free of any discomfort, but sometimes it so happens that you face issues or problems during your travels. You may have a problem with the cleanliness of the bathrooms in the train you travelled or did not have any fan in your coach, or it was not working correctly, or a railway staff misbehaved with you when you asked for their assistance. This seldom happens, but it does happen.

To lodge a complaint quickly for it to reach the concerned party and action to be taken as soon as possible, in 2015, the Minister of Railways Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu introduced a web portal and a mobile app for complaints that any passengers may have regarding the cleanliness, food or even a railway employee.

There is a dedicated staff working round the clock to monitor the complaints and send the allegations to the concerned party. The web portal and the app can be used for sending feedback to the railway authorities as well.

Steps To Lodge Railway Employee Complaint

Web Portal


To file a complaint head to the complaint web portal at www.coms.indianrailways.gov.in. You will be asked to input the complaint details from some complaints on the drop-down lists.

After you have cited your primary type of complaint input the date of the incident, then your complaint against the railway staff if you have any, input the place of occurrence where the event took place, then include your name and contact info.

At last, you will be asked to explain your complaint in detail. After you are done filling up the whole form, enter the captcha and hit SUBMIT.

2. Railway Complaint App

Screenshot Image
Screenshot Image
Screenshot Image

This is the Indian Railways Official App for Complaint Registration equipped with the complaint management system (COMS).You can also traveled the mobile app which is available for Android phones at present. It is free to download, and you can download the app from the www.coms.indianrailways.gov.in website. The app is linked to this web portal.


For ones not having access to the internet, you can lodge a complaint via SMS as well. To lodge a complaint via SMS you will need to input your PNR, date of journey, boogie no, coach, train name and the nature of the complaint before you send it to +91-9717630982.

You can also attach a photo if you so please for further evidence like a dirty bathroom or a broken light bulb or a fan.

How To Check Your Complaint Status?

Indian Railways has made it possible for you to check your complaint status just as quickly you can lodge a complaint now.

No matter where you lodge the complaint be it on the web portal or the mobile app or via SMS, you will be given a Unique ID number. With this unique ID, you will be able to track your complaint status.

Now there are two ways to track it. People with internet can monitor their complaint status online on the web portal or if they so choose can also check it via SMS.


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