Working for the Indian railway is one of the prestigious jobs in the government sector. The Indian Railway is the fourth largest railway network in the world and you can imagine that every department in the Railway division has a busy time managing various aspects. The role of a ticket collector is very much important because he is the one who ensures every passenger has boarded a train with a valid ticket of their seat. The Ticket Collector maintains a preferred seating position for every passenger and punishes the one who has violated the railway regulations.

Thousands of candidates apply for the job of a Ticket Collector every year but not all of them get the opportunity to be one. The job requires a lot of knowledge, time management skills, energy and strictness to deal with every kind of people that they will meet on a regular basis.

Railway Ticket Collector QualificationTo become a railway Ticket collector every candidate needs to have passed their class 10 examinations with a minimum of 50% marks in any subject combination. The candidate should also be within the age of 18-30. Without fulfilling this basic eligibility one cannot qualify to become a railway Ticket collector.

Railway Ticket Collector Training Period

Once the candidates have successfully passed their training examination, they will be allowed their work and zones where they will need to function. There are several promotions available for the post of ticket collector. The training period usually lasts for about two months after which the candidate becomes eligible to work daily.

Once the candidate has been selected to become a railway Ticket collector, he needs to undergo a training period. This training period is very important and needs to be pursued by every ticket collector in the country. During the training period, the candidates are made aware of the various rules and regulations of the Indian Railways, the railway fees/fine structure, how to check for a valid ticket etc. Without this training, it becomes difficult for any TC to manage the day to day activities efficiently

Final Words – The post of a railway Ticket collector is one of the most desired government jobss in the country. There are several promotions and benefits of this job which ensures a brilliant career opportunity for everyone. So make sure to read about the different information we mentioned and apply to become a TC.


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