A lot of times you will find that your tickets are still in the waiting list and it is an annoying position to be in. However, the suitable solution to it is to cancel the tickets if they are not confirmed because either way, you will not be able to travel on it if the there are no seats that are available. But the common thing that people are confused about is whether they will still need to give the cancellation charges if they cancel the tickets that are in the waiting list. The answer is yes, but there are various categories of the charges that are usually imposed on these tickets. Read further to know more about the classification and the breakdown of the cancellation charges.

IRCTC Customer Care Number For Refund

Railway Ticket Cancellation Charges Before Chart Preparation

You can cancel the e-tickets from wherever you want or from the counter, but you must remember that the money which gets refunded to you will not be in the cash form.

Railway Ticket Cancellation Charges For RAC Tickets & Waiting List Tickets

If the ticket that you are cancelling is RAC or if it is waitlisted then the charges are Rs 60 per passenger. The 60 rupees is applicable only if the cancellation is made before 48 hours of the departure of the train on the non-confirmed tickets. If not then a different fare is applicable. In case it is cancelled after the 48 hours as the time of departure that is left then the charges are far more.

Railway Ticket Cancellation Charges For AC Tickets

For the AC first class as well as the executive class if the tickets are cancelled before 48 hours of departure on the tickets that are confirmed that then a charge of 240 rs is usually deducted.

  • Railway Ticket Cancellation Charges For AC 1 Tier – Rs. 240
  • Railway Ticket Cancellation Charges For AC 2 Tier- Rs. 200
  • Railway Ticket Cancellation Charges For AC 3 Tier – Rs. 180

Railway Ticket Cancellation Charges For Sleeper Class Tickets

Lastly, for standard sleeper class, a meagre amount of 120 Rs. is deducted if a confirmed ticket canceled. All of these cancellation charges are deducted per ticket or passenger so more the number of passengers more will be the amount of money that gets deducted.

But what happens if you cancel the ticket if there are less than 48 hours left for the train to depart?

If you cancel the confirmed tickets in between 48 to 12 hours of the departure of the train, then you will need to pay 25% of the entire fare if your tickets, however, there is a minimum flat rate which you need to pay irrespective of the value of your ticket.

Railway Ticket Cancellation Charges When Less Than
12 hours left for the train to depart

Less than 12 hours and up to four hours before the scheduled departure or before chart prepartion, 50% of the fare paid subject to the minimum cancellation charges is deducted.

Railway Ticket Cancellation Charges After Chart Preparation

No money is refunded when you cancel ticket after the preparation of chart that usually is done four hours from the scheduled departure or a night before the departure day(if the departure is in early morning).

To cancel a ticket that you have already booked, you will need to visit the IRCTC website. There you will find the cancel ticket option, and you will have to select it to cancel the ticket that you have already booked.

After that, the charges and the penalty will be deducted, and the rest of the amount will be directly transferred to your account. Since now you know the charge that is usually deducted you will know how much money will correctly be refunded in your bank account.

So this is how you can quickly estimate the amount of money you will lose by referring to this penalty chart and then decide whether you really what to cancel the tickets or not. No need to guess for the amount of money that will be deducted as this list is entirely up to date and you can rely on it.


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