There exist some wired places in the world which are banned for everyone, you can’t even think of visiting these places, at least a common man can’t. No, it’s neither because they are haunted nor inaccessible. All of the mentioned destination are accessible but are legally banished. So read the folks below and find out yourself about the restricted places in the world.


1. North Sentinel Island

North sentinel island is home to one of most dangerous tribal people of the world. Located in the Indian oceans sentinel island is completely unheard of technology because the tribal people are too hostile that they do not allow any outsider to enter the island. The ones who went there courageously were killed by them. Even the helicopters and low flying airplanes are restricted for that region. That is exactly how we see in some Hollywood movies.


2. Svalbard Global Seed Safe

It’s actually a lab store that has the seeds of every crop and almost thousands of nursery plant species (the most important ones) in a safe, protected under tight round clock security network. lso supplies seeds in demand when the time comes. The basic idea was to create a backup of all seeds of crops at one place so that we could make our planet green once again if something unfortunate happens. It’s also one of the most eco-friendly yet highly advanced places of the world. Through it’s impossible to go there however, you can visit it online.


3. Coca-Cola Safe

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The oldest beverage company has the world’s most secure safe. The safe has been placed as for show pieces which people can see but can’t go forward into it. The company has kept its secret recipe for 125 years, however, some people believe that they are actually fooling curious people who go to see the vault because the actual secret recipe has been kept somewhere very far and very safe.

4. Disney’s Club 33

Sadly it is impossible to get into the world’s most entertaining and unknown club inaguarated by the founder of Disney- Walt Disney himself. Disney’s club 33 is exclusively built for elite groups including renowned rich politicians, celebrities and rich people in order to entertain them. Well some reports claim that this club doesn’t exists anymore but some people believed that the club has been hidden deliberately from the eye of common people and media. You will be surprised to know that one has to pay $25,000 as membership worth $10,000, has a 14year waiting list only the members know where it is located and an invitation from any member will give you an opportunity to be there.


5. Mount Weather

An emergency operation center built during the cold war was conceptualized to provide a safe place in event of any catastrophe the facility is just a few miles away from Washington DC and is ready to be in use in future. It’s next to impossible to get there as a completely high packed security guards the entire cues.


6. Javari Vale do Reserve

Just like the sentinel island of Indian ocean, Javari Reserve is home to another oldest tribal groups of the world. The reserve is a port of Brazilian forest are, and technology is completed isolated from there. It is true that many of the interior areas of the Brazilian rainforest have not been discovered yet. Even the picture of this Javari Reserve Tribal community came into limelight after close examination by a high-resolution satellite images. It is believed that a lot of such tribal groups have been residing near Amazon area and so the authorities have left these areas untouched for them.


7. Surtsey, Iceland

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An island created by volcanic eruption in sea. The volcano kept erupting continuously for three and half years, and finally molten and fast cooling lava froze down and developed into a 1.4 square kilometer wide island Surtsey Iceland is an amazing exception destination but it’s has been categorized under nature reserved set aside for the study of ecological succession. Even very few scientist geologist and botanists have been allowed to visit the place to study on how plants and animals established thermals in the new area.


8. Room 39

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Room 39 is a secret facility in phoney and North Korea and no one knows what this organization does. But numerous sources believe that government encourages counterfeiting the production many other illegal activities. And such interesting part is the money results from such illegal activities are further utilized by the North Korea government to financing nuclear weapon development.


9. Mezhgorye

It’s one of the most unique town in Baskortonstan, Ruma. This town was once officially closed down but people residing there were not abandoned. Some sources believe that people have been involved in some confidential work of government. The international organized NATO believe that people living  there are actually employees working in Mount Yamantaw, which is a suspected nuclear facility. The town is a closed area and no one is allowed unless he\she is any high authorities official of Russian government.


9. Area 51

Located Nevada in USA area 51 is believed to be a secret facility that handles alien and UFO related activities, However, the government has declined such rumours but whatever goes on in Area51 must be very sensitive and top secret. People going to visit Area51 would encounter various warnings to turn back, or sign boards addressing Military installation Ahead.

10. Snake Island- Ilha da Queimada Grande

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This Brazilian island contains some of the world’s most venomous snakes of the world a home to over 4,000 venomous snakes. The few snakes species are so dangerous that it can catch birds from the sky and kill it within hours. The island is far from the main city and legally banned by the Brazilian Government.
So, guys, these were some of the most dangerous cum restricted places in the world that can’t even think of visiting. Do share this article on your network.


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