You will be amazed to know the story of shooter grandma who has been entitled with coolest Dadi in India. Well the country like India, which has a male dominated society where women need to work harder to make an identity, this woman has accomplished it at the age of 82.

Chandro Tomar is a popular name in Jane village of U.P. An 82 years old women does shooting like a pro. And even shooting like a pro and even shooting Professional are scared of her skills. She has also been featured in the reality talent show India’s Got Talent where judges liked her very much.

Shooting needs a precise focus and huge concentration to hit the target unloaded firearm, muzzle pointed in the target, finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. New shooters need tons of time to achieve this much Excellency.

Here story started like this, her granddaughter Shefali use to go shooting Club to learn shooting skills, and one day she took her Dadi (grandma) to the club.

On her request, Dadi took the gun and fired a shot at the target, everyone was amazed to see her performance, she was exceptionally great. Many of Shefali’s friends suggested her grandma to continue shooting further and then what, she did continue doing this.


5 Awesome Facts About Our Shooter Grand Ma Aka Revolver Dadi From India

1. She is the oldest and coolest Grandma has doing shooting since her 60s.

2. When the family sleeps at night, she wakes up and starts practicing.

3. She has now taught her own family members, her sister in law practices shooting with same Excellency.

4. She now trains young aspiring shooters, of India. Youngsters are inspired, says if an old aged senior citizen can fire a shot with such excellency then why can’t we do that at our 18 or 20s.

5. Once there was a shooting competition in New Delhi (Capital of India) and she performed exceptionally well. And the most interesting thing was, she even defeated the Deputy Inspector General Of Delhi and the officer was a little bit embarrassed too.

OMG! Coolest Dadi On Earth: Revolver Grandma Who Shoots Better Than Pro 1

Besides talent, it takes huge guts to come front and perform this way in a society you live in, especially for a senior citizen. Chandra Tomar says that initially, people around her used to Mock at her shooting skills but she really didn’t care about such stones thrown at her and continued nurturing her new hobby. Definitely we need more women like Chandro Tomar, our shooter Grandma, the coolest Dadi ever. You can read a lot about her on Wikipedia as well.


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