Robert Kardashian is a famous celebrity face. He suffered a lot of criticism after he started to gain weight and hence it affected his mental and physical health. With the support of his family, he was able to lose weight and get out of his depressed self.

Who doesn’t know about the famous Kardashians. Kardashians and Jenners are known to be a popular celebrity face and are a popular choice for every news channel.

They had almost made their private life public in their show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and its various spin offs.

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All five sisters of Robert are supermodels and entrepreneurs along with his mother. The life of Robert has always been in shadow due to the controversial life and over popularity of his family members. He made his television debut with the family show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

Robert is a Television personality, businessman, fashion designer and influencer. Most of Robert’s earning comes from the brand endorsements of various brands.

Robert Kardashian’s Weight Gain

Rob Kardashian Weight Loss 2020 Then and After

Robert is a famous television personality and has been part of the fashion industry from quite some time now.

Being active on social media he posted a throwback picture in 2015 with the caption “Started right here with these milkshakes #throwbackthrusday”. This implies that his weight gain journey started with him munching on all those junk food.

Robert actually got a break from his career when his daughter was born for spending time with his family.

In this course of time, that is in 2015 he added around 100 pounds in his body over the course of year. Due to his weight gain he received a lot of criticism.

When he posted a photo of his daughter on instagram, people talked more about Robert’s transformation than his daughter.

It is hard to believe that due to this even someone with as lavished lifestyle as that of Robert became depressed.

With all the criticism from Kardashian’s fans and media Robert became so depressed that he isolated himself from all the cameras and media.

He even took the break from his show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” but the other family members handled the show greatly.

His mother and sisters tried to talk him out of this stress, but it doesn’t seem to workout anymore. Robert even broke down on Keeping Up with the Kardashians due to his depression and health issues.

His mental health became worse with each passing day and resultantly he was sent to rehab to gain peace of mind. Robert said in an interview that he was against this Rehab idea, he said that he doesn’t believe in this whole rehab idea and he is a grown man and will be able to gain control over himself again.

But his family was not hesitant to send him to rehab for his betterment.

Then Robert gain complete control over himself and his lifestyle after coming home from rehab and with the help of his family and friends, he started his journey on this new determined path.

In 2016, Robert took a pledge to himself to lose weight and also started shredding some extra pounds gradually. His weight loss transformation came into the notice when his sister Kim posted a photo on instagram, where slim legs of Robert were visible.

After few months Robert himself flaunted his weight loss transformation on social media platforms.

His sister Khloe Kardashian on his 31st birthday posted his photo with his daughter. The change in the weight was quite noticeable this time.

At that time his health issues were also a major concern. Even the doctors asked him to lose some pounds. In December 2015 he was admitted in the hospital due to some major health issues. In the hospital he was diagnosed with diabetes.

It was during this time that his ex girlfriend Blac Chyna left him. Robert made up his mind and promised himself that he would only go back to his wife once he finds himself in a better place, shape and health. And he did exactly the same.

After he transformed himself he again got back together with Blac Chyna in 2016.


Robert Kardashian’s Diet For Weight Loss 2020


In 2016, when he got back together with his girlfriend Blac, she helped him lose some extra weight. His girlfriend then revealed some of his diet changes.

She said that Robert was given a strict diet with low carbohydrate. He was not allowed to have red meat and alcohol. She said that it was hard for him to get rid of the things that he loves the most.


Apart, from what his girlfriend said to the reporters no specific diet plan was revealed from Robert’s side. His mom said that he has worked really hard and is still working hard to shred down hi fat from the body.

His mother and sister also take his care and make sure that he doesn’t eat the junk food and is eating right and healthy food.

His nutritionist worked really hard to prepare the customized diet plan for him and with his help he was able to lose 15 pounds.

Since he was addicted to junk food, so it was a difficult task for him to do this challenge.

Robert Kardashian’s Workout Routine

robert kardashian weight loss

Robert said that his fitness motivation came from Kylie Jenner, his half sister. After the birth of Kylie’s daughter Stormi Webster, Robert hit the gym with her. Kylie always stood beside him throughout his workout along with Robert’s personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson.

Kylie motivated him to push his boundaries during workout. With his family’s support he went through a drastic change.

He needed support at that time and his family stood up with him.


Gunnar, his personal trainer revealed some of his workout strategies that he prepared for Robert. Robert’s workout plan includes the combination of both HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and strength training. The plan also included basic exercises like squats, planks, swings, and push ups.

After getting fit Robert posted his old photo in which he was overweight with the caption, “Don’t Look like This”. He even added hashtags which revealed that he didn’t undergo any surgery to lose weight.

He posted it the day after his brother in law Kanye West said that he had gone through liposuction to lose weight.

In a report on October 2017 from People’s magazine, a source revealed that Robert is still addicted to junk food and goes with the nutritionist everywhere to make healthier food choices.

According to a recent report Robert is still disciplined and following the diet and workout routine.

Robert went down from 260 pounds to 220 pounds real quick and is a motivation for others who are not happy with their current fitness.

Robert is not body shammed by the public and media currently due to his transformation. But he is still not happy with his body and still wants to lose his body fat and get leaner. Robert said he just wants to get fitter and take care of his daughter Dream.

Since his ex partner Blac has left him he is single parenting his daughter and taking care of her alone.

Robert wants to join a live-in fitness and health program and thinks that it is currently best for him. If he starts losing more weight by exercising and changing his diet during a camp, he believes he will be able to stick with it at home as well and will no longer need a nutritionist and his family going everywhere with him due to his bad food choices.

In 2019, he gave up smoking and drinking and has been playing basketball to get in a better shape.

Robert’s family revealed few tips to follow for getting in shape and being healthy. Some of the tips are :

  1. Sip detox Tea.
  2. Rise and grind i.e. early morning jogging.
  3. Early to bed and Early and to rise.
  4. Do not follow a diet just because others are following, find out what exactly suits you and then follow.
  5. Drink a good amount of water.
  6. Workout in Team.
  7. Find out what motivates you and be around such people other than wasting time with one who de-motivates you.
  8. Avoid junk foods.
  9. Rely on resistant starch.
  10. Do not booze.
  11. Although you are working out do not indulge.
  12. Monitor your weight regularly.
  13. Take post workout nutrition.
  14. Shun empty carbohydrate.
  15. Think about the quantity of food you eat.
  16. Take more proteins.
  17. Do not hurry, go slow and steady, have patients. Weight loss is a slow process.
  18. Keep yourself accountable.
  19. Go for smoothies.
  20. Do not work out to look better do it to feel better and healthier.
  21. Do not skip a workout schedule.
  22. Embrace healthy fate.
  23. A good workout playlist helps you to work out easily.


With Robert’s weight loss journey one thing is clear that anyone can do anything if he or she is in right mindset. Robert was helped by his sisters, mother and his ex girlfriend to get out of depression and lose weight.

They made him determined and focussed on his goal of getting fitter and healthier. With right people around we can also achieve any goal.

He took that criticism in a positive way and guided its energy into the right direction. He was a 260 pounds person and even after becoming slimmer, he hasn’t stopped and is still working to get a leaner physique.


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