Are you looking for some cute caring message for your wife or some superb comments for wife photo on facebook and instagram. Complimenting your wife makes her happier and this makes husband-wife relations better. So you just need the right words at right moment and right amount.

Complimenting someone makes him / her feel special always. It’s a good gesture that makes a relationship stronger and vital. Complimenting is not only a good gesture or good vibe creator but it is also a thought process of art.

Below are the compliments for your wife that could make her happy and bring more closer to you.

How To Praise Your Wife – Treat Her Like a Queen

how to praise my wife message

Every relationship needs some sweet and cozy moments for its nourishment. I always say, relationship is a journey and keep sweeteners to make this journey sweet and easy. Best way to praise your wife is to keep admiring her qualities and keep loving her the way she wants.

There can be many sweet things to appreciate about your wife, you just need to sit and think whats the special thing about your partner, and then just go deep into that quality. You may appreciate on her looks first and then go on detailing like her eyes, her voice, her curl hairs, her body etc.

Or else you can appreciate the way she acts in different situations, like her calm behavior, her sweet angry look, her smiling face, her courage. The moment you appreciate about these intangible sweet elements, she feels good and loved.

30+ Things to appreciate about your wife

  1. Eyes
  2. Lips
  3. Hair
  4. Hairlocks
  5. Dresses
  6. Dress Color
  7. Lipstick color
  8. Facecut
  9. Earings
  10. Noserings
  11. Tattoo
  12. Figure
  13. Smile
  14. Smiling Face
  15. Back
  16. Voice
  17. Postures
  18. Her Professional Skills
  19. Cooking or cooked food
  20. The way she handle things
  21. Writings
  22. Singing
  23. Dancing
  24. Her Expressions
  25. The way She supports you
  26. Caring Behavior
  27. Loving Nature
  28. Sex Appeal
  29. Sex Moments
  30. The way she loves your kids
  31. Her intellect

All a woman wants is the undivided attention and love from her husband, and when you appreciate these tiny details, she accepts that her husband is so deeply interested in her. and that’s what makes her feel special.

How to make your wife feel loved and wanted

Spending quality time would be the best answer to thing question. Find out what and how your wife wants to spend her leisure time with you, and then fulfill her wishes. May be she wish to go for a long drive with you, or spend time in Jacuzzi, or go for shopping.

If her wishes are within your budget, then go take her into her dream moment.

The next thing you should be doing is to ask for date, one romantic dinner date, a lunch date, or a sweet evening date. Confess your feelings again, propose her again, make real promises again. She will feel special and loved for sure.

Say her that life is short, and you wish to spend it with her till the last breath. Say her that you wish to be with her till the end the end of this world.

Show your gratitude that how lucky you are that you got her in your life. Tell her that life would have been boring without her.

Tease her sometimes, then again make some sweet gesture and make her feel out of the world.

Even on the next day, try chatting with your wife on social media, send her beautiful pictures, make lovely comments for her photo on facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. When you show your love to wife in front of the rest of the world, that makes her feel amazing.

Try these once, I’m pretty sure she would love this.

How to be funny with wife?

Do things that is weird but sweet. Like you can talk of her cute habits that is weird for you sometimes. Try imitating her actions and words, she will find it irritating but cute. Talk about some funny incidents of the past and ask her about the most funniest moment of her life too.

500+ Comments For Wife Pic On Faccebook, Instgram & Whatsapp

Roamantic Message for Wife

  1. You’re the love of my life
  2. You make that outfit look awesome
  3. You’re a beautiful woman
  4. The intimacy of my eyes is just for you
  5. You’re all the proof of the best thing I was hoping for
  6. I need that belief that God favors me and then I got you
  7. I love talking with you
  8. You’re interesting and funny
  9. Today was another one of those days that made me so glad
  10. The kind of mom you are makes it so much easier to be the kind of a dad I need to be
  11. Sometimes you make my day so beautiful it never was
  12. Thanks for loving me the way you do
  13. I just want to stand still and look at you
  14. Thank you for being such a hard worker
  15. You’re the reason this place is called ‘home’ rather than just a house
  16. Thanks for being my best friend
  17. Thanks for your honesty
  18. You give a lot, and I appreciate how much you give
  19. You are beautiful
  20. You make me want to be a better man
  21. Thanks for your faithfulness to our family
  22. You are a godly woman
  23. I’ve learned a lot from you
  24. I’ve seen you grow so much
  25. I like spending time with you
  26. You’re fun to be with
  27. What a fantastic woman you are
  28. You make wonderful things
  29. Thanks for your diligence in running this house
  30. Our kids are so fortunate to have you as their mother
  31. God wanted me to be happy… that’s why he made you my wife
  32. You bring out the best in me.
  33. You are a fantastic person
  34. You are a deep river
  35. You’re as beautiful to me as the day we married
  36. My favorite place to be is with you
  37. I wouldn’t be half the man I am without you.
  38. You make loving fun
  39. You complete me.
  40. God said, “It’s not good for a man to be alone.” It’s sure good to be with you!
  41. When I’m gone this week, just remember, home is where my heart is
  42. You are my world
  43. The Bible tells men: Love your wife like Christ loves the Church…. I’m doing my bit with passion
  44. I like going out with you…what are you doing tonight?
  45. You’re amazing and, I really appreciate it.
  46. You are a hard worker.
  47. You’re so smart.
  48. I value your insight.
  49. You have a lot to offer.
  50. I really admire your inner strength
  51. I’m glad our kids have (will have) such an excellent role model
  52. You are (will be) an amazing mother.
  53. You know you’re my best friend, don’t you?
  54. I don’t know what I would do without you.
  55. You make me a happy man.
  56. I’m amazed at the women you’ve become.
  57. You accomplish a lot.
  58. You are so thoughtful
  59. Thank you for respecting me.
  60. I’m grateful I can trust you with anything.
  61. I have total confidence in you.
  62. I’m proud to be your husband.
  63. God knew what I needed. That’s why He brought us together.
  64. I respect the woman you are.
  65. My hat’s off to you
  66. You’ve got great ideas.
  67. I married up
  68. I rely on your intuition.
  69. You’re the finest woman on the planet
  70. I can face anything with you by my side.
  71. I married a winner
  72. Our kids love (are going to love) you so much
  73. You are the best woman I know.
  74. I don’t deserve you… but, I’m glad you’re mine!
  75. I want to grow old with you.
  76. Thank you for being so good to me.
  77. You’re an awesome lover.
  78. I don’t need anything else – just you.
  79. I only have eyes for you.
  80. I’ll always be faithful to you.
  81. You never have to wonder where I am.
  82. Thank you for standing by me.
  83. I really appreciate your loyalty.
  84. You are a great cook/chef.
  85. You’re so creative.
  86. I know you strive to please me… and believe me, you’re successful!
  87. I love what you have in your eyes
  88. You are one talented woman.
  89. You never stop giving.
  90. You look fabulous in that outfit
  91. You make me look good
  92. You took my breath away
  93. You are an excellent wife and I’m a blessed man.
  94. You bring me joy.
  95. I love the home that you’ve created.
  96. You work hard to make things wonderful.
  97. The Song of Solomon has nothing on you
  98. I’m a better man because of you.
  99. You are a unique person.
  100. I’m glad I married youcomments for wife pic on fb instagram
  101. You’ll always have my heart.
  102. Your heart is safe with me.
  103. God knew exactly what I needed in a woman
  104. You are God’s perfect choice for me.
  105. I wouldn’t want any other life than the one I am living with you.
  106. You are my dream girl.
  107. You are a beautiful person, inside and out.
  108. You’ve got what it takes to make things happen.
  109. You impress me, you really do
  110. You are a woman of integrity.
  111. I admire you.
  112. I’m proud of how you handle situations like that.
  113. You’re so sweet
  114. I love your spine of steel that you take every step so courageously and your bravery seems on your confident smile
  115. You are a attractive to resist
  116. You’re one in a million… and you’re mine!
  117. I’m a rich man because you are my wife.
  118. I’d be happy with you anywhere
  119. You make this picture all worthwhile
  120. You are exactly what I dreamt of
  121. I’ll love you forever.
  122. Colors seem brighter when you’re wear them
  123. Being around you is like being on an awesome vacation.
  124. You’re extremely attractive and that is the least interesting thing about you
  125. There is ordinary, and then there is you, my dear.
  126. I long for your embrace the same way a drowning man longs for air
  127. You’re gorgeous just like a divine diva
  128. You’re even hotter than summer
  129. You are so hot that even dragon will going to retire
  130. Somehow you make time stop and time fly at the same time.
  131. I bought you this flower to show it what true and everlasting beauty actually looks like
  132. I want to be the man to kiss your wrinkly forehead and hold your precious hand in 80 years.
  133. Is that your picture next to “charming” in the dictionary?
  134. Being alone is nice, but being alone with you is better.
  135. I bet you wake up looking flawless everyday.
  136. Is it tough for you to be the prettiest girl in the room always?
  137. Your love is everything to me
  138. I could stare at you for the rest of my life and I’d still feel like I haven’t had enough of you
  139. After being with you, my face hurts from smiling so much
  140. You can have any guy in the whole world, and yet you still choose me. How did I get so lucky?
  141. Looking at your beautiful face as I am saying goodbye, makes walking away the hardest thing in the whole world.
  142. You make me feel like time stands still when I am with you.
  143. When you squint your eyes while you smile wide, my heart skips a beat.
  144. You’re fearless in your pursuit of attaining your dreams and I admire you deeply for your ambition.
  145. You are tough, yet gentle.
  146. I trust you with all that I am
  147. Your eyes are as blue as the deep ocean, and now I am helplessly lost at it.
  148. If I could describe what you mean to me in one word, I’d call you my life.
  149. You make my heart skip a beat over and over again.
  150. I tried as hard as I could, but I simply cannot stop thinking about youCaring Thank You Message for Wife
  151. I’ve been waiting my whole life to meet a woman like you.
  152. I love to waking up next to you every morning and falling asleep next to you every night.
  153. You take my breath away, love
  154. I want to be the man to hold your hand and heart forever.
  155. They say love is like a battlefield for you and I would risk it all for it and for you.
  156. You are mine and only mine. All rights reserved.
  157. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
  158. You are not the sun, but you are just as hot and just as bright
  159. Loving you is like breathing; without you I would suffocate.
  160. You are an angel sent straight from heaven.
  161. My world is meaningless without you.
  162. Do you even realize how much I love you?
  163. You smile. I smile.
  164. I would rather not live than live a life without you.
  165. Even 200 hearts would be too few to carry all my love I have for you
  166. Quit stealing my heart, babe
  167. You must be a dictionary my love, Because you give meaning to my life.
  168. I miss your smile
  169. You’re an amazing friend
  170. I can’t believe I found someone like you
  171. I get excited every time I see you
  172. I love making you laugh
  173. You’re my best friend
  174. I’ll always have your back. I love every inch of you- even your toes and nails
  175. You’ve got a awestruck personality.
  176. You’re my queen.
  177. I miss you even when you haven’t left yet.
  178. I feel lucky to be with you.
  179. You always know how to make me feel at home
  180. I can fully be myself with you
  181. I love your style
  182. I love when you take care of me, now it’s my turn
  183. You complete everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman.
  184. You look beautiful even when you don’t try.
  185. You make me want to be my best because you deserve the best.
  186. The more I learn about you, the more I fall for you.
  187. You’re even more beautiful in the morning.
  188. I love talking to you
  189. I wouldn’t mind growing old and fat with you
  190. Your lips always look like a flower petal
  191. You could pick your nose and I still wouldn’t be turned-off
  192. You deserve the world
  193. I never knew what it meant to be a man until I met you
  194. The best part of my day is waking up next to you
  195. I have fun just being beside you doing nothing
  196. You have all of my heart
  197. You’re the better part of me
  198. You showed me I’m capable of having the best relationship in the world
  199. I won the jackpot with you
  200. You deserve the most beautiful things.
  201. You’re a gem.
  202. You’re my family.
  203. Even when you’re messy, I love you.
  204. I’d climb a mountain for you
  205. You make me happy to the core of my heart
  206. You have all my respect
  207. You make me feel like I can touch the sky
  208. The hardest part of hugging you is letting you go
  209. You have the sweetest heart
  210. You taught me the difference between a girl and a woman
  211. I love looking at you
  212. You light up my life like nobody else
  213. I never thought it could be this good.
  214. I feel most alive by your side.
  215. I smile thinking about you when I’m alone.
  216. You make commitment feel easy.
  217. You’re everything to me.
  218. I love how strong you are
  219. I love how determined you are to reach your goals.
  220. When you are totally yourself, I just love that about you.
  221. I love when you realize how gorgeous you are.
  222. I love how beautiful you look when you don’t realize I’m looking.
  223. I admire how you work so hard and get everything done like a pro.
  224. I admire how good you are to your friends and how supportive and available you are to those that love you.
  225. I love how you always make me feel like a priority
  226. I adore how well you listen to me
  227. I Can’t Wait to Grow Old With You.
  228. You’re An Amazing Mom.
  229. I Admire Your Work Ethic.
  230. You’re My Favorite Person to See Every Day.
  231. Being Around You Makes Me Happy.
  232. What Would I Do Without You?
  233. I Could Never Leave You
  234. You Are So Resilient
  235. I Wish I would have met you earlier
  236. Your beauty is captivating.
  237. You are inspiring.
  238. Impressive photo.
  239. Your beauty is alluring.
  240. I love your hair
  241. You’ve got great taste of wardrobe
  242. This new look is lit.
  243. I see strength and confidence in you
  244. You radiate power
  245. You definitely know how to rock those shoes
  246. Simply adorable you are dearest
  247. You scream cuteness
  248. I love your charisma
  249. You are the definition of beauty
  250. Quintessence of beauty; that’s who you are.
  251. You are the queen of elegance.
  252. What a pretty smile you have
  253. You are stunning
  254. Your smile radiates happiness
  255. There are no boundaries to your beauty.
  256. You just made my day with this picture
  257. You’ve made me a believer
  258. You look gorgeous
  259. I love your style
  260. Your style screams elegance
  261. What beautiful eyes you have
  262. Your smile just lights up my world
  263. You justify the word “Beauty” to its best
  264. Your eyes are so animated
  265. You are beautiful in your own ways
  266. I love that you love yourself
  267. You are true to thyself
  268. This picture creates a thousand emotions
  269. Your face expresses a thousand words
  270. This picture creates a thousand memories.
  271. You are simply wonderful
  272. This photo is divine
  273. You are like a breath of fresh air
  274. Your true colours are beautiful
  275. You’ve got a beautiful heart
  276. Inside out; you are beautiful
  277. You steal my breath away
  278. You are a whisper of perfection
  279. I love how expressive your eyes are
  280. Your beauty is one of the things I like about you
  281. Honestly, you are beautiful
  282. You make others feel beautiful
  283. Your beautiful comes deep from within your soul
  284. There isn’t anything boring about you
  285. Your beauty is refreshing
  286. You have pretty eyes
  287. Your beauty is full of endless possibilities
  288. You are a true epitome of beauty
  289. You are beautiful and passionate
  290. I see strength behind your beauty
  291. You are like a ray of sunlight
  292. You are a gift from the heavens
  293. Beauty is just one of the endearing traits you possess
  294. Your smile is charming
  295. Your beauty defeats sorrow
  296. You are true, pure and beautiful
  297. You are truly flawless
  298. You’ve got a pretty smile
  299. Your beauty is breath-taking
  300. I see life in your beauty
  301. I find you fascinating
  302. A beautiful story lies behind those beautiful eyes
  303. You’ve got an amazing figure
  304. I love your eyes
  305. Your hair is worth dying for
  306. You are awesome.
  307. Your beauty can make a blind man see
  308. Your beauty is a treasure
  309. You’ve got nice teeth
  310. You have an impressive figure
  311. Your beauty is enthralling
  312. You’ve got enchanting eyes
  313. You are mesmerizing
  314. I’m sure I am not the only one who finds you beautiful
  315. You are a blessing
  316. I find you amazing.
  317. I think you are beautiful
  318. You have pretty hair
  319. Your beauty is like a rainbow.
  320. Your beauty has captured my attention.
  321. You are beautiful in your own ways
  322. You are everything.
  323. Your eyes are like two pools of an ocean
  324. You’ve got flawless skin
  325. Your skin is amazing
  326. Your hair is like a marigold
  327. You look like an angel in white.
  328. I find your nose weirdly cute. 96. You shine when you laugh
  329. Your beauty is a show-stopper
  330. You are a rare gem
  331. Black is your colour
  332. You are simply the best
  333. There’s positive energy around your beauty
  334. Your hair is gorgeous
  335. You are a rare beauty
  336. Even without makeup, you are stunning.
  337. Red is your colour
  338. I love seeing your smile
  339. Your smile brightens my day
  340. Your smile is charming
  341. You are beautiful, and that’s an understatement
  342. I have to remind you of how beautiful you are.
  343. Your beauty deserves my praise.
  344. I’m in awe of your beauty
  345. You are beautiful in your own way
  346. You are one in a million
  347. Words can describe how enthralling you are
  348. Your beauty is indescribable
  349. You are a stunner
  350. I’m sure there’s no one like you
  351. You are a jaw-dropper
  352. Make-up on fleek
  353. You must be the most beautiful girl on earth.
  354. Your beauty is riveting
  355. You always stand out
  356. You are a model for “Beauty”
  357. Your beauty can be addictive
  358. You are like a flower
  359. You are the nature at its best
  360. I love how beautiful your dress makes you.
  361. You grow more beautiful each day
  362. Your dress is stunning
  363. Your eyes are what I have been waiting to see
  364. I love how you take care of yourself
  365. I love how you don’t know you are beautiful
  366. You are what makes this picture beautiful.
  367. Your beauty creates focus
  368. You are imperfectly perfect
  369. That shirt looks nice on you
  370. I’m impressed with your looks
  371. You’ve got good vibes
  372. You have the cutest smile ever
  373. Your cheeks are rosy
  374. You’ve got a great jaw
  375. You were born for this dress
  376. What a beautiful soul you have
  377. What silky and shiny hair you have
  378. You a reason to smile
  379. You are a touch of perfection
  380. You are a sigh of love
  381. You are real and that’s what makes you beautiful
  382. You are extraordinary
  383. You are desirable
  384. You create magic
  385. I adore you
  386. What great style you have
  387. What great posture you have
  388. Your beauty is impeccable
  389. I appreciate you
  390. You slay girl
  391. Your smile can light up a dark room
  392. Your beauty creates hope
  393. You are incredible
  394. You make me happier
  395. Your eyes are irresistible
  396. You really deserve a hug
  397. You are a torch in the darkness
  398. The people who have you in their lives are lucky
  399. Your beauty is without border
  400. I’m spellbound by your beauty
  401. You are simply riveting
  402. You are full of endless potential.
  403. Your style is original
  404. You are beautiful every time
  405. Your beauty is an inspiration
  406. Your style is classy
  407. You must be the most beautiful person on this planet
  408. Never forget that you are beautiful
  409. You are a reflection of true beauty
  410. No matter what people say; you are beautiful
  411. You are beauty at its best
  412. You are beautiful and happy
  413. Your happiness is the strength behind your beauty
  414. You are priceless
  415. Be proud girl; you are beautiful
  416. I see fire in your eyes
  417. Your beauty has cast a spell over me
  418. You surely know how to dress
  419. You are a star
  420. I love how your eyes twinkle
  421. You just made this picture ten times better
  422. You radiate a positive aura
  423. I like how you are full of enthusiasm
  424. You are beautiful and it’s true
  425. You are amazing just the way you are.
  426. I can’t stop staring at you
  427. You are fierce and beautiful
  428. You are a beautiful creature
  429. Your face is a moon.
  430. You shine like the sun
  431. You’ve got good genes
  432. Looking at your dazzling eyes; I remember when I first saw you
  433. Your radiance speaks all over your picture babe
  434. Nice hairstyles you’ve got in that pic my angel
  435. Your sexy statures turn me on anytime I look at your photo.
  436. Wow My Adorable Queen, you look so perfect
  437. You are amazing
  438. You’re stunningly pretty darling
  439. I can’t my eyes off this photo
  440. This pic deserves an award
  441. I love everything about this shot
  442. This is an astonishing beautiful picture
  443. A million kisses for babe
  444. That’s my awesome baby
  445. This look is all I’ve ever asked for
  446. I admire this photo.
  447. Your smile makes me proud honey
  448. You speak the B languages: Big, Bold and Beautiful
  449. You look cute heartbeat
  450. Nice dress you’ve got dear
  451. Keep basking sweet
  452. That’s my one and only
  453. I’m blessed and lucky to have this pretty babe.
  454. Sweetie, you were created and molded on a special day
  455. Your smile is a healing balm
  456. I forget my worries when I look at your picture
  457. Your pictures melt my heart.
  458. Looking at your face is enough to brighten my day
  459. Your face glitters like crystals
  460. The decency you possess is enough to hold onto you forever
  461. Anytime I see your picture, the sweet sensation stays for a long time
  462. It is not just your face that is beautiful, your heart inclusive
  463. These pictures of you feed me that I don’t remember to eat
  464. Your picture deserve an accolade; how much more you.
  465. Truly, I see you, you are beautiful in every aspect
  466. The word “beauty” doesn’t bring justice to you, you are more than beautiful
  467. You are extremely beautiful, even the moon and stars don’t glow as pretty as you
  468. You are a masterpiece
  469. Your beauty is unparalleled
  470. A magnificent flower, you are a blossoming beauty
  471. Your beauty is blinding, but it’s worth staring at
  472. Your beauty cannot be ignored, you can never go unnoticed
  473. Your eyes are calm and beautiful, just like the ocean
  474. A thousand orchids don’t compare to you, you are ethereal
  475. To be honest, this picture is very nice.
  476. You look gorgeous just like the new bride.
  477. Wow! You’re damn too pretty
  478. You’ve got a ravishing look.
  479. Can I meet this beautiful face?
  480. This photo is lit.
  481. You’re unique in your own way
  482. Keep up this beauty, don’t let it fade away in your heart
  483. You’re the definition of natural beauty
  484. It looks impressive, don’t ever stop being pretty dear
  485. Your man is lucky to have a pretty damsel like you
  486. Your beauty is immeasurable
  487. Just beautifully beautiful
  488. You’re fearfully and wonderful created
  489. You are cute dearie.
  490. Your face glitters
  491. Beautiful in and out
  492. What a nice pose angel
  493. Damn sexy and curvy
  494. Oh my God! You’re awesome
  495. Nice dimples
  496. Pretty smiles you’ve got dear
  497. I like your outfit, you are great fashionista.
  498. You speak elegance babe
  499. I love your simple makeup and hairstyle.
  500. Always looking good and can’t just overlook your beauty
  501. Your beauty has no criticism
  502. You look like a new wedded bride
  503. Nice face, beautiful kids in the making
  504. You’ve got well-arranged set of teeth dear
  505. Keep glowing like sunshine
  506. Take it or leave it, you’re awesome
  507. You look beautiful in and out
  508. Your beauty is priceless
  509. No wonder all men wants you, I never knew you’re this good looking
  510. Uniqueness speaks about you
  511. Your beauty is charismatic
  512. Impressively impressive photo beautiful boss lady
  513. Alluring photo it is
  514. These shoes look good on you
  515. You don’t need heavy makeup; you’re naturally beautiful
  516. You’re a Queen of your kingdom babe.
  517. Perfect figure that fits all clothing
  518. Your beauty is heaven-made
  519. This picture speaks alot about the abundance of God in your life, so lovely
  520. I would forever be your super fan, you’ve got a nice pose
  521. There is no doubt you beauty is so natural and I love it
  522. Wow, my forever love, please don’t stop slaying
  523. You are the best poser in the whole world
  524. Can’t keep my eyes off
  525. You are the one that made my eyes beautiful because you are in them.
  526. This picture deserves hours worth spending looking at
  527. This picture made my day

Hope this post helped you, don’t forget to bookmark this page for future reference. You can just copy and paste the cute compliments anytime.


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