Do you love flying in a plane having the logo of a well-known airline? Do you like to make people have a great time in your company as well as service? Are you good in communicating with people? Do you imagine yourself visiting big cities across the globe and getting paid while doing it? If the answer to all these questions is a yes then you can think about applying for Emirates flight attendant jobs.

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Emirates is one of the largest airlines operating in the Middle-East. The airline, which is based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Dubai, offers a host of benefits to its flight cabin crew. However, to enjoy the perks, you need first to pass Emirates flight attendant requirements. This includes the recruitment process, passing initial training and signing of contract as a new starter.

The Contract!

After you successfully pass your medical examination and your initial training, you will be offered a working contract of 3 years, along with probationary periods between three to six months. After you complete working for three years, Emirates may prolong your contract further.

Salary/Wage of Emirates Air Hostess

The approximate average starting salary of Emirates air hostess in Dubai is AED 9770 and is completely tax-free. It will comprise of the basic monthly pay of AED 4260 and a pay per block hour of AED 61.25. You will receive the basic salary starting from the very first day of your training.

Apart from these, you will also receive an in-flight sales commission on duty-free goods as well as a meal allowance. Remember that your salary will increase with each promotion and not simply each year. Once you begin flying and attain an experience, you will be promoted to higher ranks based on your performance as well as the growth rate of the airline.

Other Cool Benefits of Emirates Air Hostess

Emirates Air Hostess

Besides the financial benefits, there are several other benefits which Emirates cabin crew members or flight attendants get to enjoy such as:

  • Emirates offers a shared furnished apartment to its cabin crew which includes stove gas, fridge, electricity, and water. However, you are required to pay for using electronic devices like Router, television, etc.
  • You will be given a fixed allowance fee by the airline if you decide to live outside the apartment offered by Emirates.
  • The airline also takes care of your to-and-fro journey from the airport and your apartment.

If you are thinking of becoming a cabin crew member, you should take ample time and consider the various demands of this role. Aircraft flight attendants travel across the world most of the time and thus get to spend less amount of time at home, with family and friends. This may put a bit of pressure on your family life.

However, you shouldn’t also forget the benefits the job offers as it can offer you amazing opportunities as well as a chance to visit new places worldwide. Besides, there’s also a chance of exploring varied cultures as well as learning new languages.