Sikkim Pharmaceutical Industry- List of Pharma Company In Sikkim
Sikkim Pharmaceutical Industry- List of Pharma Company In Sikkim

Well, You might be looking for job opportunities in Pharma Companies in India, So Here in this article I have tried to list some of the pharma company in Sikkim where you can try your luck out.

Indian Pharma sector is one of the fastest growing sectors, and according to IBEF, India is the largest exporter of generic drugs in the World, accounting for 50% of all exports in terms of volume. So there lies immense opportunity for eligible Pharma and Chemist Students.

Sikkim Pharmaceutical Industry- A Short Intro

The amazing tax incentives by this small and beautiful state has made it a Phamaceutical Hub of India, and has attracted more than 15 major names of the Pharma Sector like Cipla, Sun Pharma, Alkem Labs, Torrent Pharma, Intas Pharma etc.

Most of the companies have either their manufacturing unit or marketing units set up at Gangtok or nearby locations. Rangpo, Majitar, Kumrek, Sigtam, Rorathang and Gangtok are the prominent places where these companies have been setup.

If you’ll go Gangtok via Siliguri, You will enter Sikkim via Rangpo followed by Majitar, and You will get to see lots of Pharma Companies Manufacturing plants near the main road, in the middle of the valley. Well, It feels amazing to see the view.

How to Connect with Sikkim Pharma Companies HR Managers ?

Well, If you are in Sikkim, you can go and visit their plant units, that may give you a direct lead or else you can contact them on LinkedIn. Yes, LinkedIn is a very powerful tool, don’t ignore this.

As I have given the LinkedIn Company Profile Page Link for each of these companies, go to the link, Browse the Jobs section on the right hand side of the page incase you are browsing on the Desktop version.

Pharma Compnaies In Sikkim - Cipla - How To onnect With HR Manager
Pharma Compnaies In Sikkim – Cipla – How To onnect With HR Manager

You may get to see some job openings there, or else you can brose the “People” section that will show up all those people’s accounts who work at the company with their Designation as well. You just need to find the HR Manager and “Connect” with them.

List of Pharma Companies In Sikkim With HR Details 1

Once they approve your connection request, pitch them your qualifications and experience. On my experience, I am pretty sure that they will ask you to send your resume to any e-mail id or something. So this is how you can outreach HR Manager.

Well, I believe this will work!

Sikkim Pharma Company List

Okay, coming to the point, Lets see the list of pharma companies of sikkim:

1. Cipla, Sikkim Unit

Cipla Limited is a big player in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology domain, founded in 1935 and headquartered in Mumbai, Cipla now has presence in almost all major parts of the world.

Address- Cipla Unit II

  • Address: Rorathang, Sikkim 737133, India Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Phone: +91 81700 15062

Address of Cipla Sikkim Unit I

  • Kumrek, Sikkim 737132, India
  • Phone: +91 98902 63866

LinkedIn Company Profile of Cipla

2. Mankind Pharma Sikkim Unit

Address: Amalay, Daring Block, Bermiok Elaka, South, Sikkim 737126, India
Mankind Pharma Careers Page
Mankind Pharma LinkedIn Page

3. Lupin ltd Sikkim

Address: Sikkim 737132, India
Phone: +91 97332 25035

4. Sun Pharma Sikkim

Sun Pharma Plant 1

  • Address- Sikkim 737102, India

Sun Pharma, Sikkim, Unit-2

  • Address: Sikkim 737135, India
  • Phone: +91 95640 31444

5. Alkem Laboratories Sikkim Unit

Address: Kumrek, Sikkim 737132, India
Phone: +91 73109 92531

6. STP Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Singtam – Chungthang Rd, Sangkhola, Sikkim 737134, India
Phone: +91 81990 61777
Google Reviews- 3/5

7. Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Address: Gangtok-Pakyong Road, Near Saramsa Garden, Rani Pool, Gangtok, Sikkim 737135, India
Phone: +91 87689 95032

8. Pristine Life Sciences

9. Golden Cross Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Address- Sikkim 737133, India

10. Agape Drugs And Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Khani Khola Bridge, Gangtok Sub-District 737132 SK, India

11. Zydus Health Care

Address: NH 31A, Majitar, Sikkim 737136, India

12. Aristo Pharma

Address: NH10, Bagheykhola, Sikkim 737136, India

The Government of India have unveiled ‘Pharma Vision 2020’ and the vision is to make India a global leader in drug manufacturing sector by 2020. So there is a huge scope, as this Industry will keep rising and rising. I know the Freshers find id difficult to get an entry into these Pharma Companies, but They can start as an intern.

I have seen LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with the HRs of the company. My suggestion would be, Build a solid LinkedIn Profile, and send them a request. Asking for an internship might get you a spot on their office.


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