We don’t have our control over dreams. Some of the dreams make us happy, some make us sad, while some leaves us wondering that it was a dream or reality? One such dream is of snakes. There are various interpretations of snake dreams.  In Bible, snake is considered as enemy and in Hindu mythology, snake is considered as a sign which brings good fortune.

What do the Snake Dreams Signify?


The first and the foremost question which needs to be answered is what do these dreams signify exactly? Why do people see snakes in their dreams? It can be due to various reasons like:

  •    Fears or Concerns: The biggest reason behind having dreams of snakes can be having some fears or concerns. Generally, people go through a lot of unwanted fears and concerns and they keep struggling with them in their subconscious minds. Such concerns which can’t be shared with someone, or when people are unable to find any solution to such fears then it leads to such a dream.

If a person sees a dream in which he/she is being surrounded by snakes, it means that there are some people who are trying to do something against that particular person. So, he/she has to be very careful about what is happening around him/her.

  •    Something Which You Don’t Want to Accept:In order to lead a healthy life, it is very essential that you should accept every good and bad part of your life. When someone has the dream of snakes, it also leads to the interpretation that there is something which that person is not ready to accept. It can be anything like some dark secret or some bad experience that a person is unable to forget or share with someone.

This dream means that it is high time for that person to accept whatever had happened in the past. Until and unless, that person will not accept that particular part of life, he/she won’t be able to take a break from such dreams. It is going to be difficult, but it is also very important to do that.

  •    Transformation: As per the law of nature, snakes cast their skin. So, snake dream is considered as a symbol of transformation or rebirth. If someone sees a snake casting its skin in dream, it will lead to some kind of change or transformation in that person’s life. It means that some kind of positive change will take place in his/her life. That transformation can be in the form of spiritual development. May be that person is being more focused to natural instincts or opening up to spirituality.


Interpretation of Snake Dreams According to Sigmund Freud:

Sigmund Freud was one of the most intelligent and famous psychoanalysts of his time. Even today, Freud is being regarded as same. Freud mentioned that when a person has a dream of a snake, it is very closely connected to the sexuality and the kind of relationship between male and female. With regard to the Freudian theory, the snake dream means that a person might be facing any suppressed sexual desire and it is the high time to fulfil that desire.

On the other hand, Freud’s most curious student, Carl Jung believed that if a person has a dream of snake, it means that his/her unconscious mind has an access to the ancient and universal symbols. It means that when a person has this kind of dream, there is some kind of inner conflict which a person is facing and he is unable to solve that conflict.

These psychoanalysts have given completely different views about the snake dreams with their psychoanalysis.




 Snake Dreams According to Hindu Mythology:

As per the Hindu Mythology, the snake dreams have both positive and negative meanings. If a person has a dream of being coiled around an arm by snakes, it indicates tension in the near future.


If a person wins over the snake in the dream, it means that he/she will win over his/her enemies in near future. It also indicates that some enemies are trying to do something against that person, but they will not be successful because that person will not let them win.

If a person feels fear by seeing a long snake in the dream, it means that an enemy is waiting for that person to do something against him/her and it also means that he/she may have to face some ailment in the future.

Swan Shasta, Hindu religion’s ancient text gives a deep insight into the various dreams of snakes. As per the text, the snake dream is considered as a good sign. The two most important and significant dreams mentioned in the text are – a dream in which a snake bites the person and the other in which a person bites the snake. Both of these dreams have their own interpretations.

The first dream in which a snake bites the person is interpreted as a sign which leads to good health of that person. It also means that the person who had this dream will be able to get cured from an ailment or a disease. The second dream in which a person bites the snake is interpreted as a sign which indicates that he/she will soon be blessed to have a marriage or child in a short span of time.


Interpretations of Snake Dreams According to Islam:

According to the interpretation of Islam, snakes indicate enemies and killing a snake means winning over the enemy. If a person becomes a snake in a dream, it indicates that he/she is not being a true Muslim in real life.

If a person is being swallowed by the snake in the dream, it means that the person is about to become more powerful in life.

If a snake speaks soft words to a person in a dream, it means that his enemy is being good to him. But, on the other hand, if a person gets harsh words from the snake, it means that the person is being oppressed.

If a person sees that he himself is getting transformed into a snake, then the consequences can be harsh. It is believed that when someone visualizes himself in the body of a snake, in his dreams, then it means that the person is losing faith in his religion and his inner self is rebuking at him to remind him that he has been an imperfect Muslim, like a disgrace to the religion. However if one perceives himself as half human and half snake then it shows that he has succeeded to steal half of his enemy’s power and now he is equal or even better than his enemy.

At times the people even witness golden snakeskin in their sleep. Owing to Islamic interpretation, it means that you are about to discover some hidden treasure and that your fate is in your favour. Whereas if one finds himself sitting on the head of the snake, it symbolizes that the person is about to gain respect and authority and he is about to hold an important position in the society.


Since in Islam, the  snakes are linked with evil prevailing in the society, seeing a group of snakes over some field, in your dream, symbolizes that there is going to be a destructive rain which will destroy the crops and if the consequences be bad, then the land  might get barren.


Interpretations of Snake Dreams According to Christianity:


Owing to the Christian mythology, seeing snakes in a dream is considered to be a bad omen but the dream is very soothing. They tend to link snakes with bad encounters of your life.


It is believed that the shape and the size of the snake in the dreams are a signal to notify you about the situation you are about to face in your life ahead.  The details of the snake body describe the circumstances which you are going to face in your life. Apart from the snake, try to focus on the surroundings as well. According to Christianity, the environment you observe in your dream is the center of the action and will render you with several clues warning you about the bad incident which you are about to face in your life. Taking a real life instance, when a Christian sees a dream where he visualizes a snake in the garden then he is believed to suffer from a stomach ache soon enough whereas if someone visualized two snakes sitting on his/her bed, then it symbolizes that the person’s spouse is about to enter into extra marital relationship.


Meaning of  Various Types of Snake Dreams:

  •    The one in which the snake cannot swallow:

If you see a snake in your dream which is having trouble swallowing you or any other bird, then it symbolizes that you are about to have some swallowing issues and you might need to be rushed to the emergency room. This particular dream is not healthy at all.


  •    The one in which the snake is in your garden:

If you ever find a snake slithering on the ground of your garden or hiding behind the bushes, then it symbolizes that you are about to deal with some stomach problems. You perhaps won’t be able to keep anything down and flush everything out of your system quite frequently. Snake in a garden generally refers to stomach problems.  It quite depends on the quantity. Thus the number of snakes you see, your problems get multiplied by the same number.

  •    The one in which a dog accompanies the snake in the bed:

If you perceive a dog being accompanied with a snake in your bed, then it symbolizes that your spouse is about to have extra-marital affairs in the near future. The snakes literally represent women in this perspective.  If you stand still while perceiving the dream then it means that you would stand helpless when your spouse goes around having affairs. It shows that you won’t be able to do anything to stop it all the while possessing full knowledge of the affair.


What does the  Color of Snakes in Dreams Signify?


Red Snake:

Red is the ultimate danger signal. When you see a red snake in your dream then it is like the fate is warning you about some danger which you are about to encounter in the near future.


Green Snake:


Now just like a traffic signal, a green snake is the friendly one of the lot. Seeing one in your dream symbolizes that the work which you are about to undertake is safe to proceed with. It is like God is giving you signal that your fears are gratuitous.


Yellow Snake:

Unlike red, yellow doesn’t promise of a certain threat lying before you. It is a warning sign to presage you so that you can protect yourself from the upcoming incident. It means that the situation is not permanent and can be reversed. It advises you to take every step cautiously.


Light Brown Snake:

It is quite rare to see the snake of this colour in your dream however it symbolizes that you feel inferior to something and have a fear of losing something or someone special. You deem yourself to be substandard and thus also wound your own self-esteem and suffer from an inferiority complex.


Black Snake:


The most common colour of snake which people perceive in their dreams is black. The black colored snake mainly symbolizes that you suffer from an inner fear which you have suppressed within your self but it resurfaces at the time and scares the living lights out of you. They also represent a sense of utter failure. It shows that your enemy will be successful in throwing you off your position and that you wouldn’t be able to stop it or do anything about it.


Types of Snakes in Dreams:


Boa Constrictors:

Seeing a Boa Constrictor symbolizes that you are about to get constricted and knotted around by some situation in hand. It is a warning sign and it is advisable to cut off your ties from the respective association before it literally contradicts you.


Viper :


They are the most venomous of the lot. Perceiving them in the sleep symbolizes that something poisonous and harmful is about to happen in your life. It shows that your life is about to take a negative turn and some negative energy is going to make an appearance in your life.



Perceiving a cobra in your dream shows that you are soon to be hypnotized and mesmerized by someone.It symbolizes that someone is about to enter your life who will have you spellbound and you will find yourself completely captivated by their beauty and charms.


Some More Interpretations of Seeing Snakes in Dreams:


If in your normal conscious state you are afraid of snakes, then visualizing them in your sleep shows that you are afraid of something and you are hiding your fears deep inside your being and avoiding to face them. It often links to the people who are threatening your peace of mind and are affecting your emotional state of mind.


At times, it may also represent some creative field in which you are about to enter. As you are transcribing the reality of the snakes in your dreams it might also mean that you are about to transcribe your creative skills into reality.


Owing to Greek mythology, the snakes appeared on the stick of Hermes, the God who deals with the healing processes. Thus snakes are also concerned with fast healing and proper cure of any disease.


Snakes are thin, slimy and gloomy looking creatures. In most of the mythologies, snakes are related to evil beings. Hence witnessing a snake in your dreams can be easily linked to the entry of an evil person in your life.



Thus the next time when you see a snake in your dream then you need to consider quite a few points. To seek answer of what did your dream represent, you need to keep in mind its colour, size, number and any new phase of your life which you are about to enter. These dreams generally warn you or try to bring you to terms with your own feelings and most of the times they are linked with either some past experiences or something which you are facing and going through in your present life. It might even represent any future thoughts which have been bothering you to such a point that it is giving you nightmare but you are unable to accept it. These types of dreams help you to discover those thoughts so that you can fight against them and restore your peace of mind.


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