CA Inter Syllabus

Everyone knows that CA is the toughest examination in our country India. To crack it in one go is not that simple and easy. It’s very essential to have some proper strategy to revise such a huge CA inter syllabus in just 7 months.

Success in these exams can come only through consistent efforts and a high level of preparation.

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One needs to study with a focused mind and devote completely to the preparation to excel in the main paper. Hardwork and strategic study are crucial to cover the vast syllabus within a few months.


The VSI Institute of the Jaipur city is the appropriate place where one can cover the CA intermediate syllabus with ease. This center possesses the top CA faculty which provides genuine mental and emotional support to the CA aspirants.

VSI has always shown remarkable results in the CA paper every year. It has maintained its record of giving top AIR ranks from the center.

We highly recommend this center as it has the right surroundings and a positive environment to do preparation. It helps students to cover the syllabus early before the exam so more time can be left for the revision work.

How ICAI Plan your Exams Schedule

To do good exam preparation much time is given by the ICAI. Four months study period is offered by the ICAI in the CA foundation case. For the CA intermediate 8 months study period is provided. For the final paper, the practical training of three years is expected. To make a properly organized time table to study it will be good if one firstly examines the time required to prepare for each particular CA paper.

The ca intermediate syllabus 2020 can be seen from its main website. It will be good for students if they examine the syllabus prior to the exam.


What are your CA Inter Subjects this Year?

The course of CA can be termed as the holistic one. As it covers the theoretical knowledge and also the analytical skills. It means that the students must do preparation of the practical as well as the objective papers.

More time is required to prepare for practical subjects. Students must learn to develop good quantitative skills and confidence in them. Analytical tasks must be performed on a regular basis.

Students if examine the last year solved papers then it will provide them a great help. With this, they can understand the marking pattern too.

If you feel that the balance sheet or the costing subjects is much tough then it will be good if you devote more time to such topics. If students follow smart strategies then definitely they can achieve the best results.

On the website ca intermediate syllabus pdf is available that can provide you the required details about the exam.

Know your personal strength and capabilities:

It will be good for any student if he/she manages well to discover the hidden potential inside them.

One must know the personal capabilities and strengths to achieve the destined goal. If we are aware of our potential then we can handle things appropriately. Mental constraints must be examined properly.

You must adopt smart techniques to revise things. It requires a good dedicated commitment by the students to crack CA paper easily. At least 9 hrs study is mandatory for cracking the paper in a single attempt.

Get Ready to draft the study time table

Creating your own smart study organized time table can help you in the revision process effectively. You will soon see the results of your hardwork if you honestly do the timely revision process.

Prepare a regular CA Inter Time Table 2020 & assign collective hours each day

For achieving success in the CA paper it is required that a proper schedule must be created. The regular CA inter time table 2020 says that one must follow a proper revision schedule on a daily basis. Collective hours must be assigned every day to the students to do revision properly. The ca intermediate new syllabus pdf can be witnessed from the official website.



Months Practical study Theoretical study
First month 90 HR (3hrs daily for mth) 120 HR (4 hrs daily for an Mth)
Second month 90 hours (3 hrs daily for Mth)


120 hours (4 hrs daily for Mth)


Third month 120  hours (4hrs daily for math)


120 hours (4 hrs daily for math)


Fourth month 180 hours (6 hrs daily for math)


90 hours (3 hrs daily for math)


Fifth month 180 hours (6 hrs daily for mth


60 hours (2 hrs daily for mth)


Sixth month 210 hours (7 hrs daily for mth)


60 hours (2hrs daily for mth)


Seventh month 210 hours (7 hrs daily for mth)


60 hours (2hrs daily for mth)


Eighth month 210 hours (7 hrs daily for mth)


60 hours (2hrs daily for mth)


Total hrs 1080 630


The total (1290+690= 1710hrs) are being distributed between the main syllabus’s practical as well as the theory portion.

Add a Stay Fit TimeTAble to your Daily schedule

One must prepare a nice stay fit the time table to meet the requirements of the study. If one is fit and healthy then only more focus can be achieved in the studies. So paying attention to health is very much important.

Regular exercise 15 min
Eating healthy 10 min
Spending time with your family 30 min
Reading newspaper and magazine 20 min
Total 45 minutes a day



For covering the entire CA inter syllabus within the very little duration of just 7 months a proper timetable is required. With a disciplined schedule, only good results can be obtained.

The VSI center of Pink city is the ideal center where the CA intermediate syllabus is covered prior to the time. Students who are aspiring to crack this year’s CA paper must go through the ca intermediate syllabus 2020.

VSI center has given brilliant students with top AIR ranks and highest scores every year.VSI is the appropriate CA study center where quality education is being imparted to the aspiring CA aspirants.

It will be good if students enroll here fast for getting sure success.


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