SuperCollege Scholarship 2020
SuperCollege Scholarship 2020

“Education Is the Key to Success”. This is what we are taught. But pursuing the course of our choice is not always easy and simple. It may involve problems that may be financial, social as well as practical.

Therefore, it has become necessary for students to know the power of their knowledge and the importance of their dreams.

Scholarships not only solve financial problems but also enhance student’s thoughts and vision towards his future. Super College Scholarship is one of the most reputed scholarships for US students to pursue a course of their choice and fulfill dreams of their life.

The Scholarship is sponsored by supercollege which invites application from high school students, college’s undergraduates and even graduates who are residing in the U.S. and want to pursue a course of their choice from an accredited college or university.

It provides financial aid in tuition fees, books, monthly expenses or any other requirement of the student. This scholarship is awarded every year and it is not a renewable scholarship.

There is no specific college it avails but leaves on the student to choose according to his interests and convenience.

This is a kind of award given to outstanding performance in high school or college in academic as well as a co-curricular field to ease the further study of the student.

SuperCollege Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

The student must-

  • Be a citizen\resident Of U.S.
  • Be a full-time student.
  • Be either undergraduate or a graduate student.
  • Be attending a two-year or a four-year college or a vocational-tech school.

Amount Awarded

$500 – Low amount awarded

$1,500 – High amount awarded

$6,000 – Total amount awarded

The number of awards: varies every year, this year it is $1000.  

How to Apply For Super College Scholarship

Students can apply online by submitting an online form available on the website link is given below :

What is Required 

  • Online registration
  • A signed Registration form
  • Six copies of Essay and a bibliography
  • Bibliography saved in a CD or Disk.

Result Declaration

All the winners are selected within two weeks of the deadline and one winner is selected by random draw from all applications qualified.


March 31, 2020

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About Sponsor

Address-  Scholarship Dept

3286 Oak Court

Belmont, CA 94002

How to Grab It

If you want the scholarship, you must consider some points and keep them in mind while applying and preparing for it.

  1. Start Early 

To grab this scholarship, one must start thinking about his/her college early. “Be early be smart” is what works here. It is recommended to have a jumpstart on college before your senior year. Having an early start is what many students miss at their high school time and many of them even regret wasting time.

Having in mind what college you want and what achievements you have to add in your profile while applying for a particular college of your choice will help you to a large extent to be qualified for admission in that college.

Supercollege Scholarship considers the extra-curricular as well as the academic performance of the applicants. Therefore, if you want to grab the scholarship or any other one you must start thinking about it earlier.

Also start shortlisting colleges you want to take admission in my consulting with your parents, teachers and guardians. It may seem a quick thing to do but it takes a considerate amount of time to search databases and matching your choices and priorities regarding the college with other factors.

Choosing the right college is a big task for students because it must be done according to your personal choices as well as your academic goals.

  1. Create an Awesome First Impression 

Here, ‘first impression’ is used as a reference for your college application. That would be your first impression as a student to the admission officers. Even though it seems simple but an effective and nicely filled application is what officers are fond of.

When filling details and answers to their questions you must be clear and smart with your ideas and answers. Arranging your achievements and awards in the correct order. Award with the most weight should be kept first followed by descending order of weight awards.

There should be some explanation or emphasizing for the activities you have mentioned. If your achievements contain any rare award you should mention that.

  1. Perfect Essay Topic that stands out 

You may already know that choosing the right topic for your essay is very necessary if you want to get the scholarship. Write down all the topics that come to your mind and arrange them in the order of your confidence in each of them.

You can consider some other factors like originality, creativity, how relatable that topic is with you and how it will present your personality in front of officials etc. while selecting your topic. Your topic must have an originality and a connection with your life. It must be something you know about and you can present in a better way than others.

Ask yourself if you were officials what would you expect in the essay and work accordingly. Take enough time to select your topic because a correct topic can minimize the time required to complete it.

If said in simple words, then select the topic you know most about. You should answer the question that why you are selecting that topic. Avoid dumb topics with which you are not familiar. Your essay must have an extended approach to the topic to stand out from others.

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There are certain points to remember while writing an essay –

  • The essay should fit the topic you selected. One must keep in mind that his essay should be on point and not deviating from the topic. Even if your essay is brilliantly written but doesn’t suit the theme, it won’t lead you to the selection.
  • Make your essay relatable. This can be done by sharing some personal experience or memory of your life. This will increase the interest of selection officials in your content and will work positively for you. Therefore, sharing a slice of your life is a good option.
  1. Be ready to answer some questions 

You might have to answer some questions to ensure that you are a serious contender of the scholarship. This is an opportunity for you to showcase that you deserve the scholarship.

Here, we are providing some questions that are asked as you must be prepared to answer them in front of the interviewers.

Greatest weakness and strength

One must answer confidently about their weakness and strength. It is not appropriate to avoid your weakness in front of them.

Instead, you should accept your flaws and tell them the steps you are taking to overcome them. It will be impressive to see how you are coping up with your weaknesses.

Favorite Subject in school and why?

The reason behind asking such a basic question is to see your thinking pattern and thought process regarding any subject.

Therefore, Instead of answering only the name of the subject you should give a proper explanation for that.

Leadership according to your viewpoint-

When asked about leadership and how you see yourself as a leader, you can mention examples of your life which show your leadership qualities and your experiments with the quality.

This is to see how you see leadership. If asked to choose between leadership and membership it is advised to keep leadership above membership.

Reason to choose your career path :

This question is common for almost every scholarship programme. The motive behind asking  this question by interviewers is to see wideness in your views and your vision about yourself.




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