Susan Boyle Weight Loss - How Did Susan Boyle Lose Weight

Susan made her way into the show business at an old age but received negative criticism for her looks. Also her health forced her to lose few pounds. In an age where doing such thing is not possible for most of us Susan proved everyone wrong and lost 50 pounds. Now Susan is known for her weight loss too apart from her soulful voice.

Susan Boyle is one of the few singers who found fame in an age where people usually start the declining slope of their career. Susan is a Scotland based singer. She was recognised by mass audiences when she appeared as a contestant in the third season of Britain’s Got Talent.

Susan released her first album with her own studio in the year 2009 by the name “I Dreamed a Dream”, which was released in United Kingdom by SyCo Records which is a recording studio of Simon Cowel who was impressed by her when she appeared in Britain’s Got Talent.

The album consisted of 12 songs out of which 11 songs were cover songs and one and only originally composed song “Who I Was Born to be”. I Dreamed a Dream became the highest selling album of 2009 with 14 million copies sold around the globe.

Since then her career set off to new heights. She also did a bit of acting. Her debut movie was “The Christmas Candle”. Susan Boyle received various awards along with two Grammy Nominations and two Billboard Music Awards nomination.

Motivation for Losing Weight

Susan suffered with weight related issues since her childhood. Since her childhood she was bullied for her appearance and weight. When she came on Britain’s Got Talent people praised her talent overshadowing her appearance. She proved that talent has nothing to do with a person’s appearance.

how did susan boyle lose weight

She revolted to the society’s nature of criticising a person over their appearance. However she came in big picture after getting fame and people still criticised her over her looks.

Apart from all the criticism Susan was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the year 2012. However, diabetes was not only the condition she suffered, she was also diagnosed with Asperger disorder which might affect her career.

Therefore she started taking this matter seriously and started taking care of her lifestyle and health. She started diet and exercise planned for her by experts and started her weight loss program.


Susan Boyle Weight Loss Diet

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One thing her nutritionist and she were not in control of her diet was sugar. Since she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes therefore her doctors strictly said her to cut the sugar from her diet.

When you are diabetic either the body produces less amount of insulin or the body becomes resistant to it. This makes the sugar which is consumed unutilised.

This unutilised sugar further gets stored in the body in the form of fat and also slows down body’s metabolism.

Susan was fond of cakes and sweeties. She also avoided Sugary beverages like packaged fruit/vegetable juices, milkshakes, energy drinks, and sodas, processed foods, refined or artificial sweeteners, breakfast cereals, cakes, pastries, ice creams, candies, alcohol, store-bought salad dressings, ketchup, and sauces from her diet which she used to consume before.

Avoiding sugar is a tough task for most of us. If you feel the craving to eat sugary food then you can have natural sweeteners like honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup and agave nectar in your food.

Instead she started eating fruits, fruit juices, cane sugar and brown sugar. Susan started eating vegetables. Vegetables have good carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are broken down into sugar that help in better digestion and help flush toxins from your colon.

She also started consuming a good amount of protein and healthy fats which is found in whole grains, nuts and seeds which balanced her diet. She also reduced carbohydrates and calories in her diet.

Susan Boyle was so desperate to lose her weight that she was ready to go out of the box and take the supplements. Susan started taking Garcinia Cambogia supplements which helps in fat loss.

Garcinia Cambogia is a tamarind fruit whose extract is known to contain HCA or hydroxycitric acid , which accelerates the fat burning process and also suppresses hunger.

However these supplements will not at all be effective if the person does not do regular workout. With no sugar diet and light diet along with regular exercises and Garcinia Cambogia supplements Susan was so determined to lose her weight. However the process was slow but with her persistence anything was possible.

In breakfast Susan used to have oatmeal or smoothies to kick start her day. After that Susan used to have some nuts and some extra fibres in her diet along with some yogurt. Fiber helps in digesting the food and also makes the stomach feel full. According to a study dairy products help in losing weight.

Susan also consumed fine quantity of healthy fats found in bonkers, seeds and nuts to balance her diet. This helped her lose the adipose tissues in her body.

However most people ignore lunch in order to get that ideal body but it is an important part of daily routine, that’s why proper diet is must for losing weight as well.

In her lunch Susan added whole eggs, bowery greens, salmon, cruciferous vegetables, lean beef, misshapenness, poached potatoes, tuna, beans and legumes, full-fat yogurt, copra oil, chia seeds, chili pepper, whole grains, apple vinegar and many other options.

Apart from these Susan also included fish, lean meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and legumes that facilitated weight loss.


Dinner is an important part of the diet since it nourishes the body while we sleep and also saves us from all the midnight hunger.

Susan included blackened salmon, crock pot jalapeno soup, sheet pan curried chicken, vegetables, Moroccan spiced eggplant stew, barbecue lentil burgers with ranch dressing, grilled honey lime shrimp, spicy Asian Zucchini noodles, cooked pine nut, butternut squash, chickpea, Lentil Moroccan Stew, condiment verde cut of meat soup and various other options in her dinner.


By keeping various options in every diet Susan ensured that she does not get bored of the weight loss program and gets to taste a variety of things every day.


Susan Boyle’s Workout Routine for Weight Loss

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Susan’s workout plan includes 45 minutes of a workout for four days a week in addition to an hour of cardio once a week.

Since Susan was 50 year old when she started this weight loss program therefore she was someone who cannot exercise much. She was advised not to join the gym and do the heavy workouts.

Susan had weak knees like a normal 50 year old lady and also she was diabetic therefore more prone to getting tired and get heart disease if she worked out.

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The only exercise that Susan did was that she used to go to a 2 mile walk. Most of her fat loss program was covered by her diet regimen. This walk was just to do the extra work and to accompany her diet and supplements.

Walking is a low impact exercise and it is light on knees as well. It also helps in cutting her blood glucose levels since she was diabetic and also lowered the result of polygenic disorder on the body.

Susan recently revealed that she has brought a new exercise bike and found a new way to exercise with it. She said that it is on her bucket list to ride an actual bike before she turns 60.

For that she practices riding bike on an exercise bike. Susan said in an interview that “I already have an exercise bike at home that I practice on while I’m watching television,” She also said that it has also helped her in losing weight.

Susan Boyle did an amazing transformation and lost 50 pounds of weight. She was seen noticeably thinner in her instagram post and turned all heads towards her. Her life transformed after that.

She started feeling more happy and healthy. Susan never had a true romantic relationship before. When she was 53 years old she found her a boyfriend and what according to the world was a true love. In 2014 she found a doctor who was a true gentleman and loved Susan the same way she loved.


Her life was not all the way happy after her transformation. Susan wanted a child but it was found that she could not have a child of her own. For now she has applied for adoption. She wanted to adopt a teenager and not a baby like other parents. She wanted to give a life to a youngster what she could not have. She just needs a green signal from social services regarding the adoption.


Susan is an inspiration to all those who wanted to lose weight if they are in their 50s and also cannot do much exercise. She was always criticised for her body and received negative comments on her looks to which she said that “No woman gets to perform publicly unless she looks like Mariah Carey. If you’re a female singer, you are required by showbiz law to appear sexy at all times.” She took all the criticism positively and looking at her health issues she started her weight loss program.

If someone as old as Susan can lose weight then you can too. All it takes is a motivation and right diet and workout plan for your body type and health. Susan made her mark in the industry at an old age and still managed to knock all the criticism out by doing the right thing.


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