Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Charges Details (Updated)

If your tatkal tickets have been confirmed you will not receive any refund. There is no existing policy for refunding your money on cancellation of confirmed tatkal tickers, but yes, you may get a full refund that is the basic fare plus the extra charges levied for the short notice booking, under certain conditions.

The Refund Conditions Are As Follows –

  • The train is late by 3 hours or more, not at your boarding point but at the point where the journey begins.
  • For specific reasons the train is not following the set route and is instead running on a diverted route, and you are not willing to travel because either your destination or boarding point do not come on the diverted route.
  • The coach you have been accommodated under the tatkal quota is not attached to the train.
  • You have to travel in a lower class than the one you booked for.

Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Charges For Waitlisted or RAC Tatkal Tickets

You will receive a refund after the clerkage has been deducted from it. You are allowed to cancel the RAC ticket 30 minutes before the departure time of the train.Waiting tatkal ticket cancellation charges are nil, you may get full refund for your e-ticket as the ticket itself gets cancelled automatically.

Tatkal Ticket Timings 2019

Tatkal tickets are available for both AC and non-AC classes. For the former, the bookings start at 10 AM and for the latter booking start from 11 AM. 

Tatkal Ticket Booking Charges

For the second class that is sitting tatkal tickets are charged at 10% of the basic fare, and for the other classes it is charged at 30%.

Second Sitting Rs. 10 to Rs. 15
Sleeper Class Rs. 100 to Rs. 200
AC Chair Car Rs. 125 to Rs. 225
AC Three Tier Rs. 300 to Rs. 400
AC Two Tier Rs. 400 to Rs. 500
AC Executive Class Rs. 400 to Rs. 500

For second class sitting, the minimum charge is 10, and the maximum is 15, for minimum sleeper charge is 100 and maximum is 200, for AC chair car minimum is 125 and maximum is 225, for AC 3 tier, minimum is 300 and maximum is 400, for AC 2 tier and executive minimum and maximum is the same that is 400 and 500 respectively.

Although, you must keep in mind that a maximum of 4 tatkal tickets is allowed to be booked per PNR.

Tatkal ticket charges are usually more than the regular fares when booked a month or two earlier. So you not only are required to pay the standard fares, but you have to spend some additional charges as well. You can book a tatkal ticket from the railway counters, or you can choose to book a tatkal ticket from IRCTC, which provides online ticket booking facilities.

About Tatkal Tickets

Do you usually travel on short notices and you are looking for some information regarding the cancellation charges for tatkal tickets? If yes, well you are in the right place. If you are unaware of the fact that what a tatkal ticket is, these are train tickets that are booked on short notices. These are not booked a month or two in advance.

If you have been planning to go on a trip for a long time but your fellow traveller’s schedules are not matching up, and the trip is being pushed back over and over again, and you cannot decide on a date to leave for the journey and hence cannot book train tickets in advance a month or two prior the journey.  When the schedules match up, you can plan the trip 2-3 days before the actual date of journey and book tatkal tickets a day in advance. 


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