Tau Beta Pi Scholarship

The Tau Beta Pi Scholarship grants fellowship of over $10,000 to the members depending on their need as well as merit. This money can be used by the member to facilitate engineering education and a successful profession with a year of graduate study for better preparation.

The headquarters are presently at Knoxville, Tennessee, and the biggest philanthropy of this institution is the fellowship program.

Over the years, this program has provided overcompensating $4,565,000 to more than 870 students and helped them to advance their careers in the best possible way. On the other hand, the scholarship program has documented $958,000 provided to more than 470 students for pursuing their education on engineering.

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History Of Tau Beta Pi


Tau Beta Pi is the world’s most prestigious and mammoth engineering society. It was founded in 1885 at Lehigh University by Edward Higginson Williams, Jr. Over the years, it has accumulated over 500,000 members, and the institution is still so prestigious that it keeps acquiring new members. There are a number of collegiate chapters on a number of affiliated colleges, 234 engineering campuses to be specific.

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Tau Beta Pi Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

 If you want to qualify for the Tau Beta Pi Scholarship, there are a few eligibility criteria that you must meet. The following are them:

  • Must be a US citizen.
  • You must have a grade point of 3.75 or even better on a 4 point scale.
  • Your rank must be on the 90th percentile or even better in both math as well as critical reading on the SAT I or even a composite ACT score.
  • This is a scholarship for higher education, so you must be a graduate or a postgraduate with commendable results.
  • You must be attending a deemed university or at least a four-year college.
  • This scholarship is not applicable to high school students, so being in high school is not a determiner.
  • This scholarship is granted only to students studying either core engineering subjects or those concerning with the various engineering technologies.
  • You must be a full-term student.
  • You must be a member or at least be associated with Tau Beta Pi.


Payment of The Fund


If you are wondering how the scholarship will be paid to you, you need not worry. The scholarship is generally paid into your account at the University of your Choice during July and August. You can use this money to spend not only your tuition but also on other incidental expenses that come your way. This provides a vast Avenue for student’s to make the most of the scholarship.

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How to Apply for Tau Beta Pi Scholarship

Tau Beta Pi Scholarship Apply Now For US Scholarship

Choose the “New Application” option and fill up the form, you will then be guided on next levels.

Earlier the process was a bit different, you needed to write an essay and send them.

  • In order to apply for the Tau Beta Pi Scholarship, you will need to write an essay and also require a photograph of yourself.
  • You, however, have to be a member of the Tau Beta Pi society in order to be ae to apply for this scholarship. The detailed instructions are found online.
  • You will have to set up your account with a username and a password, which will be a portal of your presence in this realm. This process will allow you to ensure your membership to the society and enable you to apply further.
  • You will have to update your mail address with the Tau Beta Pi Headquarters so that your contact information are well documented with them in case of any emergency.
  • The address you put on the file must so match the address that you have indicated on your application form.
  • However, you cannot apply for this scholarship if you are not a member of the Tau Beta Pi community, and membership is only provided on an invitational basis.

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Term of The Scholarship

This scholarship is only available for the freshman year. It offers six scholarships valued at $10,000 per award. This will allow you to cover not only the cost of your tuition but also other incidental expenses that you might have to pay during your course. This is one of the bulkiest amounts ever paid by scholarship programs, especially in engineering.



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