Teeth Falling out in Dreams

 Teeth Falling out in Dreams 1

Loss -be it of any kind is not a good feeling. But! If you have a dream about losing your tooth or teeth, this may give slight anxiety to you and we can totally understand this. To be precise, it could mean that you are already cautious about something and need to work on it. This could also mean the transition that you must be going through.

Take a look at the below-mentioned points with examples, to have some brief idea about Teeth Falling out in Dreams:


  • Represents you being over cautious about something- Made a new partner yet apprehensive about your decision.
  • You may have compromised over something – Took up a wrong job profile.
  • You may have made an expensive investment- Bought a car or house.
  • A drastic or a major change about to come in your life- You are going to have a child.
  • You are about to begin a new project in your life- You are done with your education and trying to grab a good job.

Below are given some more meanings that can be interpreted when you see your teeth falling out in dreams: 

  1. Anxiety or fear

Teeth Falling out in Dreams 2

This may not necessarily be true in your case, but, if dreamt about losing your teeth in your dreams, it may mean you are going through a phase when you have no control over your life. This could also mean depressive state in which you are feeling weak. You may also be surrounded by people who are dominating and aggressive with you. For instance:-

  • Your colleague might be better at a task your boss just assigned you.
  • Your boss might be over dominating and aggressive.
  • Your children have not been listening to you.
  • Your children have been weak in school and teacher has been giving you tough looks.
  • Your friend bought the car you always wanted to buy.
  • Much more such things like that.

Another connection to establish is, people who have such dreams have the below-mentioned personality traits:-

  • They feel weak and lack confidence
  • They seem usually depressed
  • They have issues standing up for themselves
  • They usually are unhappy with their lives

If you have all the above-mentioned traits, it is best to seek help from no one else, but, help yourself. You have to solve the issue without anybody’s help. Time to fight your own battle!

While having such dreams there is another factor you may consider. Write a sentence in English and see where do you draw the sleeping line while making small  ‘t’. If the sleeping line is below the mid-level, you really need to work on yourself. Higher levels mean higher self-respect and lower sleeping line means lower self-respect, think over it and pay heed to it!


  1. Death! Or Ageing

Teeth Falling out in Dreams 3


In the primitive times and as per the Chinese and American dream interpretations, losing teeth meant the death of a close one. This meant that someone in your family may die or something, But! This was in primitive times and it is 21st century now. Different traditions mean different meanings and conclusions. For instance, as per Chinese face reading, mole on right cheek meant bad luck with parents but the same mole as per Hinduism means prosperity and wealth post marriage.

There are various theories which signify that falling of teeth in dreams may mean that the dreamer is aging and is quite cautious about it.

  1. Personal loss 

Teeth Falling out in Dreams 4

Have you ever tried to observe that you are helped by your own self through multiple ways? Here is a proof. While dreaming about falling out teeth, you must have felt the discomfort or inconvenience. Similarly, this may mean the same in the real life too. This could not just mean any physical or psychological pain but could also mean financial discomfort. This may mean the loss of money as well. This is one of the ways, you teach yourself about a decision best prevented.

If you are a business person or is about to make an investment which is really big, it is best to ponder over it once again. Because, had the decision been good, you would not have dreamt of losing your teeth/tooth while in sleep. Since you did educate yourself, think and then decide.

  1. New start 

Teeth Falling out in Dreams 5


Losing teeth/tooth does not necessarily mean always negative. It is at times positive as well. If you are a woman who has such kind of dream, this could directly mean you are about to deliver a child or may be about to commence something good. This could mean you are about to overcome the discomfort or pain in your life. Isn’t it positive?

Pregnancy, childbirth and losing teeth in dreams, these three things were connected and interpreted by the Jungian philosophy. It was him who concluded this. He always claimed that losing teeth for women directly means freedom from pain and anxiety. Some may call this gender bias, but this is true.

Some common positive interpretations for men and women both are:-

  • If you are a chain smoker, you may stop it!
  • Your relationship status might change- time to log in to Facebook!
  • You may grab a better job with better work profile – the dream job you have waited for.


  1. Changes in Life

Teeth Falling out in Dreams 6

Changes in life are dealt differently by different people. There are times when you change or switch jobs to have better opportunities and while thinking of grabbing those, you feel that you are losing real good colleagues and the team you once worked with. This also means the same if you dream about losing your teeth in your dreams.

Another key aspect you may experience is when you lose a friend. You lose friends or close ones due to misunderstanding or lack of empathy. Such phases are tough to handle and you may find it painful when you lose good friends, but, there are times when it is best to lose to gain something- you lose some to gain some.

Are you shifting to a new city or place? Have you bought a new apartment? Do you have to stay in a hostel? All these three factors can be directly linked with dreaming about teeth falling off. When you think of this kind of dream, you have factors mentioned above to ponder over and do well to yourself.

Many teenagers find it tough to survive with their parents as some parents are over dominating. If you dream of losing teeth, this may mean you are bound to stay in hostel and study.

Gender Bias- Men and Women Dream Differently

Well! Women’s liberation does not necessarily mean this shall be applicable while you dream too. Yes, you read it right! Women dreams are different than men. Most common dreams women see are:-

  • Failing in exams or tests – very common amongst teenagers.
  • Getting locked in a room- adult women dream of it after marriage the most.
  • A loved one dead – this could mean a relationship coming to an end.
  • Eating delicious food – this is every woman’s dream.

Whereas men dream about the below mentioned things:-

  • Men dream about sexual experiences the most – they are indeed horny pigs ( pun intended)
  • They dream of having magical powers – who doesn’t want to be a superman and a protector?
  • Making money – which man wouldn’t want it?
  • Fighting a wild beast – another Superman emotion
  • Killing an enemy – spiderman/superman

Christian Belief and Teeth in Dreams

Teeth Falling out in Dreams 7

As per the Christianity, teeth are connected to your spiritual belief. Many find it a good sign to watch teeth in dreams as it connects them to their faith and belief much strongly and in a better way.

On the contrary, if someone watches their teeth falling off, this means they are losing their spiritual connection with the Lord. Some feel real upset while they experience such a thing. Best is not to tell anyone about negative dreams.

Terri Ullstrup and her analysis

Terri Ullstrup is the author of the award-winning book “Dreamtime Dream Interpretation”. She possesses expertise in dream interpretation. She firmly believes that dreams are the language your inner self-speaks through the power of your subconscious mind. It is through dreams only that you create a life for yourself and take the steps in the daily course of life. It also provides you with the information you need to change your life.

Here is a Case Study:

Christina from Forks, New York

She wrote to Terri about the dream she had. She saw her upper tooth is constantly falling off. In her dream, she kept on trying to place the tooth back but she could not. She thought she may have some issues with her teeth in the times ahead.

Terri’s reply was not based on Jungian or Freud ways. She has her own way of analyzing dreams. According to Terri, teeth signify someone’s ability to chew and gain strength through ways of eating, drinking and swallowing. If there are no teeth, how will this be possible? In this way, she connected Christina’s dream with her spiritual connection with the Almighty.

Later it was discovered, Christina is a mother of two toddler sons. She is a dedicated mother and hardly finds time to pray or visit the Church. Because of her responsibilities at home, she feels helpless to pray. Probably that’s why she saw her teeth falling off and she could not even replace it back in her jaw.

Christina’s dream did not certainly mean that she has issues with her mouth or anything connected to her medical health.


Message by Terri

Dreams are real powerful ‘communication’ you have to your own self. If possible, read Walt Whitman’s ‘Song of Myself’. Probably this shall convince you even more.

Also remember, dreams contain a lot of information, energy, and guidance for the better you. Do not take yourself lightly. Dreams are really very powerful. Do yourself a favor, while you are busy looking after others, look after yourself first- Love thyself to love others. The logic is simple, if you are not happy within, you cannot spread happiness around.



So, now you know the several meanings of teeth falling out in dreams. If you dream about the same, I hope this article have helped you a lot. Don’t take your dreams too seriously or too lightly. They are dreams after all!



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