The future is female scholarship 2020
The future is female scholarship 2020

“Knowledge is Power” is what TRUE & co. believes. This is why every year it comes with its The Future Is Female Scholarship. The main aim of this scholarship is to provide females with an opportunity to pursue the career of their choice and help them financially as well as socially.

This Scholarship comes with the idea of the celebration of struggles and surviving in odds spirit of women in their challenging life situations and their innovative and out of the box ideas to cope up with them.

It also gives the world a message to use the same perspective for everyone irrespective of their sexual orientation.

About Sponsors-True & co.

Talking about TRUE & co., this company is founded by Michelle Lam and Aarthi Ramamurthy in 2012.Its headquarter is situated in San Francisco, California. And it is a lingerie startup which recommends Bra sizes to its customers by using a questionnaire and algorithms. After some time, it was merged in PVH (Phillips-Van Heusen).

The main highlight of the company was providing customers with the proper guidance of what suits them best digitally so that they don’t have to try bras in trial rooms to choose the best one.

Being a female founder company, TRUE & co. always welcomes the bold and fearless women who have their goals clear and are ready to serve their communities by being a role model and inspiration for many others like them.

It invites women who have potential to become trailblazers of tomorrow. It makes products that celebrate women body and from this scholarship, it celebrates women mind. It emphasizes that female-forward policy is essential in this orthodox patriarchal system of society.

The Future is Female Scholarship is their initiative to put forward the thinking that every one of us has a voice and we must contribute to the betterment of the society we live in.

This Scholarship is to remind every woman that she is not just beautiful but intelligent and confident also. Now to cover every detail of the Scholarship, let us divide its dimensions into below points:

About The Future is Female Scholarship 

The Future is Female Scholarship is a programme by TRUE & co. to enhance the female-forward spirit and contribute to women empowerment. It wants women to feel confident and believe that no barrier can stop them from being what they want to be.

Not only it includes women but also trans-women who somewhere are kept behind due to poor mentality and social barriers.

You can perceive any course of your choice through this Scholarship. TRUE & co. invites applications of female students of the United States every year to know what makes them apart from everyone to have the scholarship.


Eligible candidates-

  • Must be a citizen\resident of United States.
  • Must be an awesome woman.
  • Should be a college student or a graduate.
  • Should be enrolling in or enrolled in college with at least 3.0 GPA

Apart from these, she must be willing to work for her community and have a strong reason to get the Scholarship.

Application procedure

Applying for the Scholarship is online. Willing candidates must submit their online application for which you have to visit the Official website given below:

and fill the required details to enroll for the Scholarship programme.

  • Other requirements involve a 200-word essay whose topic is provided in online application.

Winning Prizes

The winner of The Future is Female Scholarship 2020 will win following as winning benefits:

  • $3000 Scholarship for her chose to field.
  • $300 TRUE & co. brand products.
  • A Full-featured interview on company’s Journal highlighting your awesomeness as a woman.

The award can be utilized for full-time study, any graduate or undergraduate study. Also, a two-year or four-year college or graduate schools.

NOTE: Winners have to submit official transcripts \acceptance letter or both for high school seniors.

Important Dates

Deadline for applying for the Scholarship is – June 29th, 2020.

Announcement of the winner will be done in July 2020.


The winner is decided by the CEO or head of the TRUE & co. based on an innovative and inspiring journey of the participant and her visualization of female position in society as well as her academic ambitions.

What type of Questions are asked

The Scholarship aims to provide women equal and fair opportunities to fulfill their dreams and become able to do something for their community.

Therefore, it will include questions about your role models, inspirations and your dream so that your potential and perception can reach to the world.

It will also include questions related to what course you want to pursue and why to know your range of thoughts and how you see yourself as a working lady.

It will also include your struggles and how necessary the scholarship is for completion of dreams. Some of the questions asked are mentioned below –

Who is your role model?

Your answer should be relatable as well as unconventional because you must have a specific and clear reason for mentioning someone as your role model. It is never said that your role model should be a well-known personality.

It can be your mother, neighbor, teacher, boss anyone who somewhere has inspired you and you want to be like her as a person. For example, a previous winner has mentioned her boss as her role model due to her self-dependent, confident and ambitious way of presenting herself.

What is your Biggest Inspiration? 

This Scholarship aims to help women to reach their goals and become an inspiration for others, therefore, this question is there to know what your inspiration looks like and what personality traits attract you.

Your answer should be unique as well as impressive and should be showing your views as an active member of the contemporary world. It should show you out of the box thinking.

What Course you are going to take?

Since the scholarship is eventually for the course of your choice, this is a very basic and natural question you must be prepared for. You must have in mind Course you want to pursue, college or university you want to pursue it from and reason for pursuing it. Also, if you mention the problem you are facing in pursuing it, will work positively for you.

Why do you want to pursue it?

The answer to the above question must include your views regarding the course you chose and reason of why specifically you want to take it. For example, it may include growing scope in that course and your interest in it with proper planning of the future.

What impact do you want to leave on the world?

Winning this Scholarship would make you a role model for many others. That’s why what impact you want to leave will be very crucial. Therefore, your approach towards a responsible and helpful perception of yourself is necessary.

After all, “Every action we take impact the lives of others around us”. Your small gestures can have a big impact, hence a correct answer should be written keeping that in mind.

True and co Scholarship Winner and their words

True and co Scholarship Winners
True and co Scholarship Winners

Itzel Lopez-Hinojosa – She is studying in the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine and acts as Medical translator for non – English speaking patients and their doctors.

She said that she wants to give back her community what she is learning and for her, it is important as a Latin to represent and defend her community. She faced many hardships in her childhood.

Valerie Kryger – She is another winner of the scholarship who faced  Hodgkins Lymphoma due to no proper knowledge of nutrition. She found that many people are having no access or little access to proper diet and nutrition.

She says her goal is to provide a balanced diet to the weaker section of society and popularize school gardening programmes. She will be attending UCLA for her Masters in Public Health.

Thus, the Future is Female Scholarship is for all those US females who want to contribute to the betterment of their community by pursuing some course and becoming efficient. It is an opportunity to aside the barriers coming in your way to your dreams.


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