Train ticket cancellation charges 2019

If you have already booked the tickets for your train but won’t be able to make it or if you need to cancel your ticket in some emergency then you will need to know what are the cancellation charges. Well, the charges keep on changing from time to time but now what you are going to see is the completely fresh and updated train ticket cancellation charges of 2019. So it is time to see the light after staying in the dark for long. Curious already? Let’s take a look at the train ticket cancellation charges 2018 & 2019.

When There Is More Than 48 Hours Left

  • In this category, the cancellation fee is usually rs 240 for each passenger for the executive class or the ac first class
  • For the AC 2 tier or the first class ticket cancellation, the charges are 200 per passenger. This is cheaper than the first one.
  • For the AC 3 tier or the AC chair car or the AC 3 economy tickets the charges are even lesser, and that is around Rs 18-0 per passenger.
  • For the sleeper class, the cancellation charges are quite less. They are only 120 rs per passenger.
  • For the second class ticket, the charges are around Rs 60 for each of the passengers.

Cancellation Fee In Between 48 To 12 Hours

  • The cancellation fees are different in this case. If you cancel the train tickets in between 48 and 12 hours, then you will need to pay 25% of the total fare, but it is also subject to the minimum flat rate which needs to be paid either way. That will be mentioned in the clause.

Less Than 12 Hours But More Than 4 Hrs Left

  • In this scenario, you will have to pay 50% of the total ticket fare, but there are also minimum cancellation charges and base fares which you will need to pay anyway. This is quite a lot of amount, and that money can be wasted. In order to avoid such a  huge wastage try to cancel the tickets as soon as it is possible.

After The Charts Have Been Prepared

  • This is quite a tricky situation, and if the charts have been prepared, it is not only difficult but also next to impossible to cancel the tickets. If you have e-tickets than those tickets cannot be cancelled once the chart has been prepared.
  • In order to get your money back, you will need to file the online TDR. Without this, you will never get the money back and even though you have cancelled the ticket the money will be lost. To prevent that from happening file the online TDR at the soonest.
  • The TDR status can also be tracked online.

Tatkal Train Ticket Cancellation Charges 2019

If a situation arises where you will need to cancel a tatkal ticket then under such condition the Indian railways do not issue any refund to the passengers. So if you will have to cancel the tickets and get the maximum profit out of it then make sure that the train you are cancelling is not tatkal.

Railway Ticket Cancellation Charges for Waiting list

If the waiting ticket does not get cofirmed then, the entire amount will be refunded to your account, because un-confirmed waiting ticket is considered as an invalid ticket.

However, in case of a counter ticket, waiting ticket is considered to be a valid ticket and you are allowed to travel in train. If you wish to cancel the waiting ticket then an amount of Rs. 60 will be deducted as a clerical charge for each of the passengers, both in case of e-ticket & counter ticket.

Nowadays with the presence of app and website, it has become really easy to book as well as cancel the tickets wherever and whenever you want them. Now that you know all the charges for ticket cancellation in the Indian railways you will no longer be worried or in the dark about this topic. However, make sure you cancel while there is a lot of time left to prevent any losses.


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