So you are looking for the right answer on whether “Can I pursue two degrees simultaneously or not”, as you might wish to take up some certificate courses or graduation courses to improve your knowledge or increase the weightage of your CV.

Education scenario has been evolving in its regular or intermediate form but it is always changing or modifying. Education has its own importance and in this changing scenario and the world of competition students don’t want to stick to one course and that too pursuing multiple one after another.

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As a matter of saving time and gaining more they always crave for pursuing more than one course but wait is it legal in India?

Every student that has been pursuing his degree or approaching a career must have thought once in a while that is it possible to pursue two degrees together?

Well if we look closely at an article in 2013 instructed by UGC it is mentioned that it is legal to pursue two degrees together but this article is not valid as it got many modifications thereafter.

Now the question arises what is UGC? UGC that is University Grants Commission comes under our Human Resource and Development department and whatever changes or modification we use to observe when it comes to higher education is done by UGC. No college can amend the syllabus itself. All the modifications, maintenance and system is run by UGC.

Whenever someone open new college then they should have to approve it from UGC and the article issued by UGC in 2013 has now been modified.


UGC Guidelines for Two Degrees Simultaneously

As per new norms issued in January 2019, students are not allowed to pursue two regular degrees simultaneously. Further to the note here are few points regarding this notice :

  1. Students are allowed to pursue one regular degree and maximum one additional degree programme under open/distance learning from same or different universities.
  2. Similarly students are allowed to pursue one regular degree and maximum one additional diploma / advance diploma / PG diploma programme under regular or open/distance learning from same or different universities.
  3. Joint Degree Programme is allowed as UGC believes that nothing could prohibit students to take admission to another college so it has to be encouraged by every college as UGC does.

For Reference:-

The Distance Education Council (DEC) finalized few valid or allowed combinations

DEC Guidelines for two degrees simultaneously allowed combinations
DEC Guidelines for two degrees simultaneously allowed combinations.
  • One degree and one diploma
  • One diploma and PG diploma
  • One diploma and one certificate
  • Two post graduate diplomas
  • Two diplomas
  • Two certificates

DEC has taken decisions of Dual Degree Programme as :

Two regular degree simultaneously – Not Allowed

One degree and one distance learning programme : Allowed.

Two Degrees Together and N.O.C. (No Objection Certificate)

Well, although this is not mandatory by all Universities, but while producing both courses documents to any employer, you may be asked to produce the No Objection Certificate from the University where you have pursued your regular course.

Since two courses creates a “same session issue” and this becomes questionable, that “How can you do two course in the same session, without taking permission from each university or college other?”

So, it is strongly suggested to obtain a No Objection Certificate from the University of regular course, this way you will be able to produce certificates of both courses anywhere anytime.


Few of the questions that commonly comes in mind is :

Is it legal to pursue two degrees simultaneously?

No, As stated above by UGC, you can opt for one regular degree and one distance learning course at the same time but not the two regular courses together.

Can I do MSc. and B.Ed. together?

No, as these two are regular degrees. You can do either of the two degrees as correspondence. But as a bonus advice, It is suggested to pursue B.Ed after completing your Masters Degree.

Can I do BSc. & Polytechnic together?

No, these two regular courses are not allowed together. Either you pursue these degrees one after another or choose either of the degrees as long distance learning from Universities like IGNOU or Nalanda Open University.

Can I do graduation Twice?

Yes, You can do graduation as many times you want. Did you know, the Megastar Amitabh Bachchan is double major in both Science and Arts. So for BA, BBA, B.Tech it is quite possible to pursue twice but it is commonly suggested to complete one cycle from graduation to doctorate then jump to another stream.

Can you enroll in two Universities together?

Yes but only on one condition that one course is relevantly regular and other will be distance education based, further you must take N.O.C. (No Objection Certificate) from the University from where you are pursuing Regular Course.

Does Diploma plus Degree is allowed?

Yes, Diploma of minimum 2-3 years is considered equivalent to Intermediate course, so Diploma Holders are eligible for pursuing Degree courses. This is extremely prevalent in engineering courses, where a 3 years diploma is eligible to get lateral entry in 2nd Year of B.Tech course.

Also, companies also prefer the students pursuing either of the one because it will be difficult for them to judge a candidate on the basis of both.

Can I do ITI with Graduation?

Yes, only if you have already completed your Intermediate, then you can take admission into ITI college as a regular degree course, and graduation via distance University like IGNOU. Otherwise you cannot do ITI with Graduation at the same time.

Can I Pursue Two Degrees at the Same Time from IGNOU?

Courses and Degrees are different, you can pursue two courses simultaneously but it should be a combination of a Degree Course and a Certificate Course, or Diploma Course and a Certificate course.

For your reference, The official website of IGNOU online admission, you can refer to the 10th question from the FAQ section that clearly says that You can register for a certificate programme along with a Degree, Diploma or another Certificate programme. However, two diploma or degree programmes cannot be taken simultaneously“.

ignou two courses simultaneously official statement

No, as they are regular degrees you can’t pursue them together. However you can do either of the two degrees as correspondence or distance learning course so that you could complete both the degrees but the university must be of dummy culture just to present there at the time of exams only.

IGNOU has also issued similar guidelines regarding distance education with one regular and one distance learning programme. Government has indirectly promoted these distance learning programmes and thus made compulsion to choose another education through these distance learning programmes.

However these non validities of two degrees simultaneously are due to some facts that UGC believe to be true that if students will pursue two degrees simultaneously then they will lose the quality academics and none of the two they could pull off.

In the meantime we all are waiting for that decision soon because country needs some good and honest scientists, engineers and doctors so that our country will set benchmarks for all.

Do share your views and let us know what questions are lingering in your mind.



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