E-ticket cancellation can be done with the help of IRCTC website. One can cancel the train ticket till Chart preparation for the train is done.

  • For cancelling the e-ticket, you need to log in to the website of IRCTC.
  • After that, you need to go to Booked Tickets section.
  • From there you need to select the ticket to be a cancel option.
  • After doing this all, the cancellation process will be initiated.

After the ticket gets cancel, the amount that you have paid for the ticket will get refunded. But the refund amount will get credited directly to your account.

Charges Levied By IRCTC For Ticket Cancellation

When anyone cancels a ticket, at that time the person doesn’t get the full amount of that ticket. This is because IRCTC levied some charge on tickets while you cancel it. Even IRCTC allow cancelling the tatkal tickets under tatkal waiting list refund rules. The charges for different tickets are mention below.

  • If you cancel a confirmed ticket before 48 hours of your schedule, then a cancellation charge of Rs 240 was a charge for AC first class or Executive Class.
  • Rs 200 were charged for AC 2 tier/ First Class.
  • Rs 180 for AC 3 tier/ AC Chair car.
  • Rs 120 for Sleeper Class.
  • Rs 60 for Second Class.

When it comes to the cancellation of waiting for e-ticket, then also some charges are levied on it. If your ticket is on waiting list till the last minute and you want to cancel the e-ticket for that, then IRCTC cancellation charges for waiting list e-ticket is said to be Rs 60 only for all class. Apart from this if you ever cancel the ticket within 48 hours and 12 hours, and then the amount that you will be refunded from IRCTC will be after deducting about 25 per cent of the fare.

This is subjected to the minimum flat fare. If you cancel the e-ticket within 12 hours and up to 4 hours, then the amount that you will get in a refund will be after deducting 50 per cent of the amount from the ticket. This is also subjected to a minimum flat rate.

Rules For A Refund After Chart Preparation Is Done

  • In case you want to cancel the e-ticket after the chart was prepared for the journey, the booked e-ticket cannot be cancelled. In that type of cases, the passenger then needs to take the help of online TDR filing. In that, the passenger needs to keep track of the refund via IRCTC’s tracking service.
  • But if the confirmed e-ticket is not cancelled and TDR is not filed online up to 4 hours before departure, then no refund will be initiated for that.
  • In case you have got RAC e-tickets, and you have not applied for cancellation, and No TDR has been filed online till thirty minutes before departure, then no refund will be awarded to you.

When go for booking the tatkal tickets for your journey, then it is seen that some tatkal tickets get confirmed and some remains in the waiting list. If you are going to cancel any tatkal confirmed tickets, then under tatkal ticket cancellation charges 2018, no money will be refunded to you for that.

When you book your ticket for the journey with the help of tatkal, then your tickets don’t get confirmed instantly. Sometimes it is seen that they remain on the waiting list for a long time. They don’t get confirmed even before some hours of the journey even sometimes. So, in that case, you can easily cancel the ticket. As per tatkal waiting list cancellation charges, no money will be deducted for the waiting tatkal tickets.

Rules For Waiting For The Ticket

In the recent time, IRCTC has published its waiting ticket rules 2018 in its official website. The rules are mentioned below.

  1. The name of the passengers whose ticket status is said to be fully confirmed or fully RAC after the railways have prepared the chart for a journey shall be displayed in the list. The name of the travellers that are displayed in the list will be allowed to take the journey.
  2. The next thing that comes is about the waiting list passengers. The name of the passengers whose name are said to be partly confirmed or partly waitlist or one can say RAC partly or partly waitlist, then the name of them will be displayed on the waitlist passengers list.
  3. If you want to cancel your waiting list ticket after the list is published, then you have to apply for that on the official website. The refund process for this will be done as per waiting ticket cancellation charges IRCTC Rules.
  4. If you want to cancel your e-ticket, then you need to apply for that online only at their official website. The cancellation of this ticket is said to be only permitted before the chart preparation is done for that journey.
  5. If you have booked your ticket on tatkal, but your ticket is on the waiting list, then you can go for cancellation. You have to apply for cancellation of the ticket and then for waiting list refund rules for the same.
  6. The name of the passengers that are not mentioned in the final chart for the journey is not allowed to take the journey on the train.

So, if you want to travel by train to make sure that your name is published in the final chart of the train.

If you doubt the cancellation of e-tickets, tatkal waiting tickets or charges levied by IRCTC on them while you cancel them or even the rules by which one can cancel or can’t cancel the ticket, and then you can get all this information here. All the rules and charges mentioned here is according to waiting ticket cancellation charges IRCTC 2018 rule.

Currently, technology plays an important role in all fields. With the help of online booking, many people can book their tickets for various journeys and trips without standing in a queue. Same is applicable for booking your ticket in Indian railways. You can book your tickets via IRCTC official website. After booking your tickets, you will be getting your e-Ticket for the journey. But the problem arises when for any circumstances; you have to cancel your e-ticket.