Best Sites to Send Free SMS in Philippines

Communication is a medium to convey thoughts from one person to another. The medium of communication has evolved itself so much from time to time.

Starting from oral communication we reached to postal communication, then telegram to landline phones and keeping landline phones into consideration, invention of mobile phones took place which led to Short Message Service (SMS) and finally we are at World Wide Web (WWW) that is Internet.

13 Best Sites to Send Free SMS in Philippines

Although we are at the age of Internet, SMS is still a popular medium to communicate. In this article we are going to discuss about various websites that provide a wide range of SMS services at Philippines.


free sms craze to send tree text to philipines

This website covers a wide range of cellular networks in Philippines, namely Smart Communications, Red Mobile, Globe, Sun Cellular & IMX. SMS can be sent from anywhere and anytime, you just have to be careful about the type of message you are sending. You can log-on to its website .


The most amazing thing about this website is it doesn’t require any kind of extra plug-in or any kind of application. You can send SMS from anywhere and anytime to Philippines through your web browser. You can visit the website at


Magtxt- send free sms in philipines

Magtxt looks like a blog or social website but can be use to send as many messages as you want but at a time the word limit is 160 characters. Also you have to enter an alphabetical or numerical captcha everytime you send an SMS but as the service is free you can count it as a worth a value service. You can visit the website at


Foxtext can be used to send free and as many SMS from any corner of the world through a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. You can visit the website by logging on

Chikka Messenger

In the late 2000s it was very popular in Philippines and within a short span of time it established a friendly tie-ups with many network operators namely, Smart Communications, Red Mobile, Globe, Sun Cellular & IMX.

But on an unfortunate note, on March 31, 2018 after giving free SMS service, Chikka Messenger announced its official shutdown and due to this many people asked the company to restore the decision but it didn’t work.

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This is a free SMS sending website dedicated to send and receive as many messages and the best part of this website is you have been asked to enter your number instead of the receiver or receipient number which will make your SMS looks like a thread type SMS. You can visit TxtLibre on


This free SMS sending service can provide you facility to send an receive unlimited messages. You just have to enter the name of recipient name once and your name every time on sending SMS. After send the SMS it shows a delivery confirmation with each and every necessary detail. If you want to explore more then you can log on to .

Freedom SMS

Freedom SMS shortly called as FSMS is not a website but an app that requires no registration nor any kind of charges. You can install the app directly from the play store or app store and enjoy free and unlimited messaging service.

Unlike other websites, Freedom SMS provide you a real time message delivery and instant reply in a threaded form.  The best part of this app is your recipient need not have to install this app to reply you. Also, you don’t need any kind of SIM Card nor you will have to pay any kind of roaming charges. You can simply download by Clicking Here.

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PreText SMS

PreText SMS-free messages in philipines

This is an alternative to Chikka website. It is an app that provide the user to send the unlimited SMS on almost all the mobile networks. The only thing is it charge you P1 / reply from the recipient but if subscribed to a specific unlimited text promo code. The only limitation it has is user can send ten SMS per day but has a feature where PreText SMS users can chat with each other. You can simply install the app here.


TextMeFree is a free messaging website that allows users to connect with their near ones and have a chit chat over here. It has a tie up with almost all the network service providers. This website is particularly for chatting from Phone to Phone and not from Phone to PC or vice versa.

Although, there is a charge to read the text received to you and it is because you have to send a message to unlock the message received to you and it will cost P2.50. You can visit and enjoy free SMS service by simply logging in to .

Social Land

This website is a free service of sending as many SMS you want in Philippines. There is no registration fees required and can deliver the message within a few seconds after sending the message.

It is the most simple way of sending SMS as you just have to enter the recipient’s local Philippines number and just type the message you want and click “Send” and that’s it, your message will be delivered to your desired number.

Following are the prominent mobile networks that are supported by Social Land :

Piltel (mobile): 912xxxxxxx
Islacom (Globe): 915xxxxxxx
Globe Telecom: 917xxxxxxx
Smart (Mobile): 918xxxxxxx
SUN (Mobile): 922xxxxxxx
Extelcom (Mobile): 973xxxxxxx

And many others.

You can simply visit their website by clicking on .

Send SMS Now

This free SMS service website provides you some unique features such as :

  • You can directly receive the replies in your SendSMSNow chat window itself.
  • You can view all the history of your sent messages.
  • User profile can also be created where you can upload your photos.
  • You will be provided with TEXT ME NOW button to directly receive the message and start conversation.

Just select your country code and its name, enter recipient name and the message you wish to send and then click on to send SMS button and your message will be delivered with a few seconds. You can visit the website by stepping in to .


You can send free SMS to your Philippine contacts and it doesn’t require any kind of registration charges. For sending free SMS all you have to do is, log on to and you will find a website that may looks like a blog or news website but that’s just one side of it.

On the bottom right corner you will find a section where you will be asked to fill certain details and they are :

  • Your name.
  • Type of Network.
  • Mobile Number.
  • The message you want to deliver.
  • After this you will be asked to fill the captcha character shown in the box and then click on

However there is a character limit of 130 characters per SMS but you can send multiple SMS for absolutely free.


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