Here comes another interesting post from our weird social feed, and this is about the most amazing and shocking restaurants across the world, which we would like you to visit at least once before you die !! ( if possible).

8 Most Bizarre Restaurants In The World That Will Amaze You

Forget about those conventional restaurants where you take your family for dinner, these creepy places are unique. It’s not about what dishes they serve but it’s all about how do they serve. So read the folks below and yes don’t forget to share.

1. Cannibalistic Restaurant

This one is a unique restaurant from Tokyo, known for serving meals and dishes in a human body as you can see from the pictures that dishes have been served on the female body ( naked female body) and people are eating them, but wait it’s not as simple as that. Actually, the entire human body is eatable, (customers can choose between male and female body).

Don’t get scared, the body is not a real human body,actually the food has been so organized that it looks like a body.

Another interesting thing is, red tomato sauces have been added so that whenever a customer would cut the (fake) body parts, he/ she would get the feel of blood.
So ladies go for a male body, and guys ….!!

2. Disaster Cafe

The Spanish restaurant is one of its kind in the world today. Have you ever watched a movie in 7D or 11D theater, well, this is exactly how you would feel having a lunch in this disaster cafe.
You would feel sudden earthquake strikes and everything near your table would start rumbling, vibrating and falling off.

The most interesting part is, all the staff workers there are equipped with retroreflective Jackets and safety helmets, which gives a more disaster like feeling. Moreover, you will be served with mouth-watering dishes.

However, there is one more thing you should know, how so ever that artificial earthquake strike would be, but your plate will not make a move, not even an inch. So next time when you visit Spain, do have a dinner night in the Disaster Cafe.

3. Dining In The Dark

Imagine you are having your meal in a completely dark room with many other customers. Cool isn’t it?
Well, this Chinese restaurant has staffs and waiters equipped with night binoculars who will take you to your table and would also serve your favorite dish. No gadgets ( camera, mobile or lighter ) are allowed to take inside. The idea was that customers should enjoy the taste of food rather than diverting their mind for nearby objects.

4. Devil Island Prison Restaurant

Ever imagined having lunch or dinner in a jail/prison. Well, this is exactly how one would feel there. The basic idea was to scare people from the life of crime and criminals in prison. Customers are served in a room which is completely locked with steel bars and has a single sliding gate. The staffs which are dressed as policeman or policewoman will serve you delicious items and will later take your fingerprints too, just like an ideal prison would do.

5. Izakaya Kayabuki

A Japanese restaurant where you could enjoy dinner while interacting with the brilliant monkey waiters. No, they don’t serve you food, but they would provide you hand-towels. The interesting thing is, these monkey waiters have learned everything by themselves, and now the owner of the restaurant takes care of them too.

6. Underwater Restaurant

Located at Conrad Maldives Rangoli Island, This restaurant is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world. The restaurant is located five meters underwater, covered with round panoramic glass all around it. Unfortunately, only fourteen customers can be served at a time but believe me, it’s worth waiting for your turn. You will get the 270 Degree view of the sea life, and you will see sea fishes swimming over your head, sometimes left and sometimes right too.

7. Dinner In The Sky

Well, this kind of restaurants are everywhere, almost on the top floor of skyscrapers and big buildings, but something is unique here. Actually the entire restaurant’s flies in the air, supported by strong steel ropes and yet perfectly balanced. The height is 50 meters off the ground and this is a twenty-five seated restaurant with one entertainer, one waiter, and one chef.

What if someone gotta pee??
Well, in that case, the whole restaurant will have to be taken down.

8. Japanese Fast Food Restaurant

On what should I say about this… The restaurant where two Japanese girls sitting on the counters, spreading their legs apart and showing off their panties. And the menus lies just there between their legs. Quite unusual and weird marketing technique, I know, but this actually attracts more male customers, who take the menus themselves and then makes the order.

So you saw a restaurant offering human body, a restaurant getting earthquake strikes, an underwater cuisine, a flying restaurant and a restaurant with monkey waiters. Well, this is not the complete list, you would find many such bizarre restaurants that will completely amaze you.


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