What Sushant Singh Says On His Termination From Savdhaan India

When the whole nation is revolting against NRC, CAB and CAA, actor Sushant Singh decided to raise his voice. Sushant Singh was the anchor of a renowned tv show, ‘Savdhaan India’. He lost his post as the anchor of the show when he joined the rally for against NRC, CAA and CAB at Kranti Maidan Mumbai.

He raised his voice condemning the violent act of Delhi Police towards the students of Jamia Milia Islamia University. This step costed him his job.

The actor was asked about his opinion on eminent Bollywood celebrities refraining from joining these protest movements or even raising their voice. He in return said that he believes that it is the youth that brings upon the change and revolution and not Bollywood celebrities.

He also added, “When you are in a certain position, there is an absolute pressure of taking a stand on certain matters. People give you a lot of love and you are what you are because of their love. So, they look at you with a certain hope and feel that you will say something about the issue.” Yes, many fans of these A-list did look up to their favorites stars to speak their mind during this volatile state of the country.

When asked about the termination of his post as an anchor of the show, Singh said that he was not given any proper reason for his termination. According to his statement, he joined the protest and at midnight he received a message that stated he was no longer the anchor. The reason is yet to be clear to him. He also stated that he is going to take a step against this by filing a complaint against the authority to CINTTA or the Cine and TV Artistes’ Association. He has been anchoring the show since 2012.


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