If the stay is for multi-days, then they stay in hotels. Their work and shifts are truly interesting. They even stay in crash pads, an airline industry jargon, that refers to the converted houses or motels near the airport that can fit many airline employees.

Looking for a flight attendant schedule example? Well, Airlines operate at very tight schedules. Similarly, the flight attendants have to be ready a lot before the flight departs. They are a lot of stuff to take care before the passengers arrive and the flight is ready to take off. A flight attendants schedule example can let you know about the pain they take to make your journey memorable as well as pleasing.

How often is a flight attendant home? ?

How often is a flight attendant home
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You might be thinking how often is a flight attendant home? The normal duration for which a flight attendant is in the air is 80 hours per month. But at times, it can be close to 120 hours. This may seem normal, but this seems to be very lengthy and tiresome when in the air. This is the inflight time spent. They spent more than 50 hours per month on the ground preparing stuff. In this time, they prepare reports, prepare flights and wait for planes to arrive. In general flight attendants don’t get a lot of time to be at home because of their packed schedules.

Is it worth it to be a flight attendant?

People have varied perception about the job of flight attendants, but many such employees have shared that they love their work irrespective of the views of the world. They claim to get a pretty decent salary. They love their work because it is rewarding at times. They get a lot of free time. But they need to be in their headquarters.

Even though they don’t do anything, they need to be present. They say as per the job of theirs, the main work is the safety of the passengers onboard.

They arm and disarm the slides, communicate with the flight deck; check the overall safety before departure and also during turbulence. But people often feel serving food and a beverage is the work of a flight attendant. People don’t get to know about the behind the scenes affair. A lot of attendants say, it is truly worth to a flight attendant, serving numerous people in their lifetime, being with them in their memoirs of a good time and hard times.

How rich they are?

A flight attendant salary ranges from $59,547 to $91,978 internationally. The base salary for the flight attendants on an average is $74,191 internationally.

They say when a passenger says, thanks for the safe flight, no more reward can compensate that. So if you were wondering can flight attendants live anywhere? Then you can be assured that even if you are always on the move you will be on a roller coaster ride!