Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost in Australia

It is known that Australia is the second most costly place when it comes to dental removal but the cost of extraction can vary upon various factors viz.,

  1. Type of removal and no. of procedures involved.
  2. Type of doctor involved like oral surgeon or local dentist.
  3. If dental insurance involved or not.

Now, Let’s have a look at the estimated cost that may incur during a tooth removal procedure.

Type of removal Estimated Cost (Approx)
Dentist Consultation $50-100
OPG $60-80
Basic Removal Procedure $200-300 (Each tooth)
Complex or surgical Procedure $300-400 (Each Tooth)


So overall and an average $600-700 may cost to you for having a wisdom tooth removal and it’s maintenance. Taking a dental insurance may reduce this financial burden up to 30-40%.

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Tooth Removal costs in different cities across Australia

Wisdom tooth removal varies in different cities of Australia. Let’s have a look below what are the prices tentatively you can expect if you are going for wisdom tooth removal in your city.

  1. Sydney

Wisdom Tooth removal cost in Sydney bifurcate as follows :

Procedures Cost (Approx)
Consultation and X-rays $100-150
Basic tooth extraction $150-300
Divisionary Tooth Extraction $150-300
Tooth Extraction via Surgery $250-400
Basic Wisdom Tooth Removal $200-300
Wisdom Tooth Removal via Surgery $250-400


So in Sydney at an average a sum of $950-1000 can cost for different tooth removal procedures.

  1. Melbourne

In Melbourne an average cost of tooth extraction is:

Procedures Cost (Approx)
Normal Tooth extraction $150-400
Basic Wisdom Tooth Removal $250-300
Wisdom Tooth Removal by Surgery $250-400

So in Melbourne at an average a sum of $200-400 can cost for different tooth removal procedures.

  1. Perth

Perth has its own set of wisdom tooth removal package as :

Procedures Cost (Approx)
Consultation and OPG $150-200
Basic extraction $150-250
Complex Extraction $250-300
Wisdom Tooth Removal by Surgery $300-400

Hence we came to know that in Perth the average cost of tooth removal is $800-1100

How the cost can be affordable

There are no two opinions about the fact that dental extraction cost in Australia is high but if one can have a sense and knowledge of insurance that could cover the major weigh of the dental removal cost then one must adopt the insurance and it is believed that dental cost in Australia.

But that’s not easy to be eligible for dental insurance. In New South Wales it is stated that only there are 47% people who are eligible. Secondly the waiting time is so long patient-wise and procedure-wise.

However online insurance companies like Medibank can provide dental insurance cover up to 100% annually excluding X-rays and OPGs.

Best Clinics and Hospitals in Australia for Wisdom Tooth Remova

Some of the best clinics and hospitals for wisdom tooth removal are listed below :

  1. Griffith University
  2. The Wisdom Teeth Professionals
  3. Commonwealth Ombudsman
  4. HCF
  5. Sydney Dental Hospital
  6. Adelaide Dental Hospital
  7. Mossman Hospital Dental Clinic
  8. Warwick Government Dental Clinic

Dental checkups are the most painful procedure which required lots of skillset, patience and long cure. Wisdom tooth removal is amongst the most painful treatment and such a dreaded task to perform.

In Australia wisdom tooth removal is common and every one out of three have ejected their wisdom tooth there. So people who don’t have any idea about how much a wisdom tooth removal cost because it’s a natural concern that medical treatments today are although less painful but equally costly.

What is wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the end series of teeth called as “Third Molars” and they grow between the teen age of 16-21. Wisdom tooth are not always painful but they do cause some serious problems if they do not get a proper space to grow.

If wisdom tooth grow with proper alignment and shape it can be a beautiful asset to have but when it is misaligned or something it may cause serious issues can be responsible for decay and damage of tooth which is adjacent to it, jawbone as well as the nerves of the gum.

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When it is necessary to remove wisdom tooth & its effects a well as impacts

Wisdom tooth when left misaligned can cause various dental issues. Here we will know about the problems that cause due to wisdom tooth.

  1. Infection : Wisdom tooth when situated misaligned can lead cuts and wounds in the inner part of lips or cheeks can cause infection when do not treated. This happens mostly when the tooth emerges partially from the gums and that too when it is pointy.
  2. Decay of affected tooth : Affected tooth can cause decay and various other dental issue because it is very difficult and tedious to cure and clean the affected tooth and when it is decaying.
  3. Germs & Bacteria : The affected tooth can collect food particles and thus it can cause bacteria and can destroy roots.
  4. Pain : Wisdom tooth when emerge point the pressure on the gum as they are actually making space for themselves to grow properly this procedure can cause severe pain in the entire teeth row.
  5. Artificial Tooth eruption : If you ever installed an artificial tooth by some orthodontic procedures it is likely to possible that it get eject out due to the pressure of wisdom tooth emergence from gum.

Procedures of Removal of Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth removal is either can be done inside a dental clinic or may require a surgical procedure. Over 2000 dentists are available in Australia that could help and guide you in this painful procedure. Various steps involve in wisdom tooth removal are :

  1. First of all the patient need the consultation of doctor which can suggest the better opinion after a small check up. A general dentist examines your teeth by X-ray or an OPG Method (expansion : Ortho-Pantomo- Gram) which is a kind of scan that gives a panoramic view of your jaw and teeth. Dentist also check your dental history.
  2. If you requires a surgery then your dentist or a surgeon will give you a local anaesthesia to numb the portion where wisdom tooth is situated.
  3. Further the dentist perform a small cut to the affected portion at gum which will expose the bone and the tooth.
  4. At this point if a bone is blocking the passage of the root of the wisdom tooth then first of all that bone is ejected from the place.
  5. Now coming to the removal of tooth, if it is difficult to remove then the tooth is broken into pieces and then it is removed from the affected area.
  6. After this process the area is cleaned and the remains of the tooth is removed from there.
  7. Now the area is medically inspected if there is any kind of medication or stitching is required then it is performed
  8. Removal of wisdom tooth can be varies and depends on how much teeth are to be removed. Generally it takes almost one hour to remove all the four wisdom teeth from the mouth.

For 3D animated representation of Wisdom tooth removal procedure, watch this-

After effects of tooth removal, solutions & precautions

After your wisdom tooth got extracted from your mouth there are likely to have reasons that it may affect that portion very seriously. Let’s see what are the impact of tooth removal and things you should follow?

  1. Follow the instructions given by your surgeon very-very carefully which is the base of your recovery to be really quick. Recovery also depends on the difficulty level of the tooth extraction procedures.
  2. During first twenty four hours bleeding, facial swelling, no feeling or sensation to the affected area can be observed.
  3. If small pain occurs then it can be overcome by small medication such as acetaminophen.
  4. Until the numbness caused due to anaesthesia gets over it is advised to take a liquid diet.
  5. Even after the liquid diet follow a diet of soft food for few days so that the teeth won’t get much disturbed.
  6. Do not consume alcohol if you are consuming pain killers.
  7. Brush twice or thrice within 24 hours of the extraction but gently and without touching the teeth of that affected portion. Rinse your mouth with warm and salted water.
  8. To reduce face swelling, treat it with ice for the first twenty four hours and post twenty four hours apply heat to the portion. A warm moist towel or hot water pillow can also be used.
  9. If stitches are performed on the tooth portion than it must be handled with care and if they are not self dissolving type then it must be removed after one week under the guidance of dentist or surgeon.
  10. Make sure your bleeding has been settled and stopped by a blood clot and if not then this could be probably be a problem of dry socket which can be treated by surgeon who apply medication on it.
  11. The overall healing can range upto few weeks to months depending upon how complex the surgery was. Although within two weeks you will be comfortable because the maximum relief will be occurred in this time period only.
  12. If foul smell from the mouth occurs then it is suggested to visit the surgeon.
  13. Natural curable like clove or its natural gel can  also be used on the affected area.


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