Xossip – A Platform to Share Fantasy Gets 1 Million Searches
Xossip – A Platform to Share Fantasy Gets 1 Million Searches

Well, I don’t think this website needs any introduction, everyone knows about it. Xossip is a platform where people share erotic stories and share their fantasies. Today I am writing this post because I just want to share some facts that I discovered while I was making my routine keyword research for my content writing projects.

While I was browsing Quora, I suddenly came across the question where a user was asking for the new web address of Xossip which actually happens to be an adu*t website which has not been banned in countries like India.

I googled the term xossip and found that the keyword has around half a million searches per month for this particular singular word. Later on my research, I found that other relevant keywords garner about a Million searches and the website gets more than 1 million hits.

This is an India based website and is actually become a platform for sharing fantasies, stories, photos, and videos, etc.

Reason Why the site Xossip was not banned in India?

Well, when all such sites were banned by the government about a year ago, but the judgment got a huge retaliation from the public, ultimately Indian Government lifted the ban and everything was back to the normal.

But now a few months back the free internet service provider in the market, JIO banned all such sites to control the wastage of internet data.

However, this site was not banned either due to the site was not very known to them or the site was left deliberately as it didn’t fall into that category directly.

Xossisp Forum – An Alternative To Quora To Share Fantasies

Xossip has a dedicated forum where actually more than 100K users contribute to the content, mostly pictures, and videos. I also found that Xossip has enabled a fast uploading feature for all high-quality media contents. Apart from the forum, this website has all user-generated contents available in the form of videos and photos.

Xossip New Address For Main Sites, Xossip Forums and Xossipfap New Domain

Well, people have been looking for the new changed address for Xossip, here I am sharing the new address for Xossip main sites and Forums.

  • XossipFap(dot)com

Xossip Alternate Website

One of the negative impacts of digitization is that copies and duplicates are found everywhere, so does its alternative. Seeing the opportunity to steal the traffic of Xossip, lot of alternative websites have come up. When the original website was deleted all user data was also deleted, meanwhile some users shifted to other platforms and similar looking sites like the following ones:-

  • XForum (dot) Live
  • Xossipz (dot) Com
  • Xossip-Regional (dot) Com
  • Xossipy (dot) Com
  • Desibees (dot) Com

Should Xossip Be Banned?

Well, according to me, yes it should be banned or made to have limited access just like any other sites as it spreads unproductive and negative content on the internet and this will have to be done from ISP’s end, not by Government.

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