Youth Forward Scholarship 2020
Youth Forward Scholarship 2020

After successfully distributing The Youth Forward Scholarship in previous year, the dmv education program is back with the second edition of the scholarship with the new title of “In the Driver’s Seat”.

The institute like National Driving and Traffic School provide students of high caliber with all facilities and in exchange if the students after graduating from these institutes perform well and become successful in life then a part of credit for their success goes to the institute for it. They keep a part of their total batch strength for students enrolling through the scholarship.

The scholarship may be of various types, for fulfillment of provisions depending upon the caliber of a particular student. Some scholarships just provide solely funding according to the cost which the student might have to bear once he joins the institute. These types of scholarship mainly focus on students of art, technology and science or business study as discussed earlier.

None of these scholarship program focuses on students doing volunteer or community services. For such scholarship initiative was taken by National Driving and Traffic School which was governed by United Nations in the year 2019.

Youth Forward Scholarship 2020

National Driving and Traffic School announced its first Youth Forward Scholarship opportunity in 2020 with the name “In the Driver’s Seat”.

The criteria to get eligible for this program

  • Applicants Must be a full time high school student or a junior in college.

Please Note: Employee and relatives of National driving and Traffic School are not eligible for this scholarship.

The students were able to apply on the National Driving and Traffic School’s official website.

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About National Driving and Traffic School

National Driving and Traffic School provides driving and traffic education online to students living in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey and many more cities. Since this institute comes under the supervision of United Nations therefore this distant learning program is legitimate in these cities. The online program fulfils complete 30 hours mandatory education required for DMV’s driver.

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Youth Forward Scholarship- Application Procedures

  • First, sign up on DMVedu’s website and submit your essay in not more than 500 words in only MS Word format.
  • The topic is simple, as it was open for students of America, the students have to convey by thinking from the perspective of a driver in the United States.
  • The topic is appropriately chosen looking at the rapid increase in the mortality rate of the United States for the past few years.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) at an average around 35,000 people die every year in road accidents of America. Out of them around 2000 are the children under the age of 16.

These facts and figures speak a lot about the quality of driving in the United States. Although if you live in the America you might be pretty well aware about how difficult it is to get a driving license and all the tests you have to go through to get eligible for getting a license in America.

Even after going through these tests the numbers of accidents remain same. Accidents might occur due to the driver who is driving under some influence. To make the drivers of America aware about these issues the step taken by National Driving and Traffic School by providing such topic was a brilliant move.

Questions which were needed to be answered in the essay

The applicant is needed to answer numerous questions in the essay such as:

  • The importance of driver’s education in the reduction of the road accidents,
  • Has the applicant ever witnessed any accident or has experienced it personally or by any relative or friend,
  • Has the applicant experienced rash driving by any person and what measures he took,
  • And what step does the applicant take to be a better driver or make other people aware about taking the measures.

Witnessing these questions are must apart from other things in the essay.

Scholarship Reward

The reward which is declared by National Driving and Traffic School for winning this essay write up competition is

  • $3000 annually which is divided among six winners as $500 each.
  • A student can get the scholarship either by getting his or her essay selected by the Website’s staff or by the audience reading these essays.
  • People are asked to share their favorite essay on social media as each share was counted as one vote.
  • After the end of voting period the winner will be announced whereas the second winner will be already selected by the Website’s staff as discussed earlier.

Important Dates

  • The first round- 6th January 2020- 31st March 2020
  • Result Announced -1st May 2020
  • Second round- Accepting entries from 1st of May to 1st August 2020
  •  Result Announced- 1st September 2020
  • Similarly, Third round- Accepting entries from 1st September  to 30th November 2020
  • Result Announced- 1st January 2021.

Other Requirements 

  • The applicants were asked to submit their photographs along with the essay so that they could be posted on the wall of the website and other social platforms.

The payment of $500 was not made directly to the student; instead the money will go directly into their colleges. The fund will be safely kept until the student enrolls in an institution and once the student enrolls he has to show some proof of enrollment to receive the scholarship amount.

The Youth Forward Scholarship program has encouraged and awarded the students who have shown their motive and commitment towards volunteering and community work in the year 2019. And with the program receiving many applications in 2019 it is likely to be get same response in 2020 as well.

The format of the program is likely to remain unchanged. So the students are advised to visit National Driving and Traffic School for getting the information regarding the program’s commencement in 2020.

Our View

With the increased competencies among top educational institutions of the world to get highly intellectual students to enroll in their colleges the institutions run various schemes and scholarship to lure students to apply in them.

There are various scholarship programs for students to get into technical, arts or business institutions.  Scholarship promises young and talented minds to get into the college they had once dreamt of but cannot afford to study in them due to their high fee structure and other expenses too such as living in the location native to the institute, affording various facilities, paying other expenses and bills and other basic fundamentals to rely on.


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